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  1. avatar darkdatu says:

    is there a section for posting prose work? i noticed some people who posted prose like essays.

  2. avatar Team Emanila says:

    To darkdatu

    Writers Group members with prose work have been known to be using Blogs at Iba Pa. Team Emanila has exclusive use to Announcements. Apparently, other works are being assigned to Pinoy Verses / subcategories and Tulang Pinoy / subcategories.

    If Writers Group members post prose-like work in subcategories other than Blogs at Iba Pa, their posts are at risk for being (1) deleted during Team Emanila’s maintenance work, (2) ignored by other members, or (3) not found in sub-category searches.

    The information on where to post prose-like works is found in Members Advisories pages which is referenced in the homepage.

    To everyone

    Kindly take some time to have a read of those advisories which also form part of our Terms of Use and Editorial Policy.

  3. avatar blue angel says:

    Team Emanila

    My very first and last venture in poetry was a one-page love poem written in a cheap spiral celebrity notebook back in high school. I never thought that I would someday pick up from I left and learn to love threading words..

    My appreciation extends first and foremost to Him who bestowed everything good upon us, to kukulkan, who introduced me to emanilapoetry, as well as to the gentlemen in the Cinquain Train and Sijo, namely emllavata, ham, olivercarlos, ka enchong and manonton dalan, for their great support.

    I also thank my newfound friends noelreyes, dodie “bugtong”, darkdatu and jack alvarez.


  4. avatar blue angel says:

    oops.. sorry… that’s “…from where i left and learn to love threading words…”

  5. just carry on blue! like you, it was here where i found that sense of belonging.

    we’ll learn hand in hand in every step of the way. keep on writing.

  6. avatar darkdatu says:

    I also stopped writing when my word file with all my poetry was deleted. I have also found a new start here and kindred spirits. Thank you team e-manila! Thank you also to those impeccable poets: blue angel, emllavata, ham, olivercarlos, ka enchong, manonton dadalan, noelreyes, dodie, jack alvarez – write on!

  7. Mabuhay ang Team Emanila!

  8. avatar Team Emanila says:

    To Rod Escobin – We thought we saw your post on this page about posts of authors/writers being restricted only to 3 or 5 recent posts. We may have found the answer to your query. You may wish to check out your profile or those of others. Thanks for the alert!

  9. avatar blue angel says:

    To Jack Alvarez
    (also to Team Emanila)

    been noticing that you do not just comment on a post but also boldly give suggestions on how the piece should go or should have been written…

    constructive criticism from fellow members should also be encouraged when posting comments — as against writing comments:
    1) for the sake of writing one — wala lang
    2) for the numbers — pamparami
    3) as a means of boot licking

    mr. romy cayabyab has started with “what’s wrong in this report” last may 2008. he even gave away prizes!

    but beyond the prize (though who doesn’t want a prize?!), growing and learning from each member should also be encouraged in this family..

    this is merely a suggestion …

  10. avatar Buena Carla Zaldivia says:

    Ritmo: Ansaya naman! Magkakaroon na ng bagong bunso ang koleksiyon na nagpakilala sa akin sa eManilaPoetry! Maganda po siguro kung mula sa bawat manunulat/contributor (ngayon at sa archives), kumuha tayo ng top 3 best posts (ngayon at sa archive din). Tapos, mula sa lahat ng screened poems natin, kuha tayo ng hmm, top 100 (150? 200?) para sa publikasyon. Pwede rin naman na ang posts for publication na napili ng screening body ay pagbobotohan natin secretly o discreetly para may partisipasyon din ang lahat sa pagpili ng maililimbag na tula. Para din tasteful. At pumili tayo ng dates of inclusion para maiwasan ang pagbulusok ng mga bagong entries para lamang magkaroon ng mabilisang pagkakataong mai-publish.

    • avatar Krisange says:

      Ms. Buena Carla Zaldivia : I just stumbled upon this site and the first piece I read was “Void”. Became a member after. I love your work 🙂 makiki write on na din!

  11. avatar blue angel says:

    darkdatu re your message dated July 16, 2009 (repost)

    humihingi ako ng dispensa
    tila mandin ay namalikmata

    inakalang napasalamatan
    itong kamakatang kaibigan

    ngalan mo di ko sadyang iwaglit
    nakatulong ng di pinipilit
    hasain ‘tong ingles kong pilipit!…c”,)

  12. Reminder advisories have been sent regarding the posting policy at this site. Per the rukes one cannot post a “published piece” in emanilapoetry. “Published piece” is defined as work that has been posted in other websites, excluding one’s own personal blogsite.
    I have maintained more than one website for my writings ever since. I know of quite a few members of emanilapoetry who are in a similar situation. They are, in fact, among the more prolific writers in this site. if we were to adhere to this policy we will be forced to make a decision to stay with emanilapoetry exclusively or to give up the other sites we contribute in. I will have to think about this seriously and decide soonesst.

    Ed Roa

  13. avatar Team Emanila says:

    Hi Ed

    Thanks for the feedback.

    Our Terms of Use and Editorial Policy statements do not restrict anyone from contributing in other sites or maintaining their own personal sites.

    What our policy statements prohibit is the posting of works which have already been published elsewhere (offline or online) where members may no longer have exclusive publication rights to their (members’) works. Because of this uncertainty, it would always be safe to obtain the permission of the publication where the members works appeared before re-posting such works. At emanila, we do not have the resources to monitor that requirement, so we decided when we set up emanilapoetry not to accept published material at all.

    In the case of members’ works which appeared in members’ personal homepages including their blog sites (and I am happy to know that we have a number of members in this category), we still consider such material as “unpublished” because the member has acknowledged that “by posting such material to emanilapoetry.com, he/she confers to emanila.com pty ltd the right to attribute that the first publication of such material was at emanilapoetry.com.”

    This policy statement which addresses copyrights issues as well as cross-posting has been in place as early as 2005 when we started emanilapoetry.com. The statement has always been part of our Terms of Use and Editorial Policy.

    Although we know that our policy statement in terms of attribution is what is being practised by those who have embraced the Creative Commons Attribution concept, we are still currently looking into how we can fully re-align and integrate the licensing of emanilapoetry.com material under CCO.

    It is our mission to share our members creative works with the general community, and for everyone to enjoy Filipino poetry.

    I sincerely hope this helps. Please email me if you need more information.

    Thanks and best regards
    Romy Cayabyab

  14. Terms of Use and Editorial Policy

    Last June 30, 2009 lang po ako na registered and honestly po
    hindi ko nabasang lahat at naintindihang mabuti ang Terms of Use
    and Editorial Policy. Siguro po very eager kasi na makasali at
    maka share. Before sa site po kasi ng emanila, nakapagpost at
    published na ako sa ibang site (maybe more than a month before emanila) pero wala po akong considered na sariling site.

    Ang tanging pagka understand ko lang po dun sa published piece
    ay iyong maaaring item o tula/kwento ng iba na na published na sa magazines, books, at iba pang babasahin. Kaya naman po anumang na publish o posted kong item ay sarili kong gawa.

    With this po, humihingi po ako ng paumanhin at sana ay
    marapatin po na mabigyang linaw po ako.

    Kung maari po ay pwede na daanin ko sa katanungan ang
    aking concern at sana po ay mabigyang linaw.

    1) May violation po ba ang pag published sa emanila
    ng na published na sa ibang site, at ng
    na published na sa emanila bago sa ibang site

    2) Ang akin(amin) po bang item (tula at iba pa) ay pag-aari
    na rin po ba ng emanila,

    3) Pwede ko (or namin) po bang i published ang aking tula
    or any item published sa emanila na ako ang may akda
    sa ibang pahayagan, magazine, newsletter or any babasahin
    ng walang consent(written) ang emanila

    4) At pwede naman po bang ang emanila ang mag published
    na walang consent sa akin(amin) or may akda

    Ipagpaumanhin po ng emanila na hindi ko po talagang nabasa
    lahat at naintindihan ang Terms o Use and Editorial Policy,
    kaya po tulad ni Sir Ed Roa ay concern ako and honestly
    worried sa consequences ng maaaring pagkakamali ko.

    Sana po ay mabigyang linaw at katugunan ang aking
    katanungan, at kung sakali po na ang ibang kasagutan
    pala ay nasa tugon na kay sir Ed, sana po ay muling
    mabigyan ng linaw (medyo mahina po sa ingles).

    Salamat po,


  15. Dodie58 has posed some important questions which will clarify in my mind some misunderstandings I have on the policy.

    My take out from your explanation is that I am not restricted from contributing to other websites, but, works already published in other websites may not be published in emanilapoetry. The posting of works first published in emanilapoetry may not be published in other websites (except personal sites).


  16. avatar Team Emanila says:

    Dodie58 and Ed –

    Nandito po ang bahagi ng ating Terms of Use / Editorial Policy na sagot sa inyong mga katanungan:

    ——- Editorial Policy ——-

    4. By posting materials to emanilapoetry either using the auto-posting pages or by email to the Emanila Editor, the member-poster agrees to be bound by the Terms of Use published in the emanilapoetry webpages as well as by this Policy. As it is not practicable for emanila.com or its staff to authenticate that the poster has copyright to the material, the member poster also makes the following representations and acknowledgments:

    (a) That the material is poster’s original works and is an unpublished material.

    By “unpublished” is meant: Not published (i) offline ie, newspapers, journals, magazines, books, CD, and similar media, or (ii) online ie, in other websites or webpages. Works which have already appeared in the member’s personal homepage including blog site can be posted to emanilapoetry.com as if “unpublished works” subject to the member acknowledging and agreeing that, by posting such material to emanilapoetry.com, he/she confers to emanila.com pty ltd the right to attribute that the first publication of such material was at emanilapoetry.com. Any publication of said material by the member or third parties should prominently display the following attribution statement: “(Title of poem) first appeared on emanilapoetry.com and is reprinted here with consent of emanila.com pty ltd.”

    (b) Confers to emanila.com or any of its assigns the right to republish or reproduce the material in other webpages or in other media – electronic or otherwise- including magazines, periodicals, books and similar publications, or to license to third parties the material for use in other forms, without obtaining the member-poster’s written permission.

    (c ) Frees emanila.com or any of its staff from any liabilities or damages, legal or otherwise, that may arise from the publication of the member-poster’s material brought by third parties.

    Maraming salamat.


  17. thanks po sa reply.

    Please allow me po to clarify more, kasi po to my mind ay
    wala pa ay di pa malinaw ang kasagutan, except po na yung editorial policy na unfortunately, ay hindi ko nabasa lahat at lubos na naintindihan.

    Muli ko pong dadaanin sa katanungan ang aking
    mga concern/querries, and would appreciate po your bearing with my ignorance, pero mas mabuti na po iyong malinaw.

    1) Legally bound or binded na po ba ako sa Terms of Use and
    Editorial Policy ng Emanila. Upon my registration
    or to this date?

    2) Tama po ba ang aking pagkaunawa sa Editorial Policy No.4(a)
    na anumang item na na published ko sa emanila kahit
    na ito ay una ng na published sa ibang site, ay
    ” I am conferring that emanila has the right to
    attribute ” na ang first publication ng item ay
    sa emanila. Paano naman po kung sa kabilang site ay
    unfortunately, hindi ko rin nabasa o naintindihan na
    may ganito ring terms of use at editorial policy?

    3) Edt’l Policy No.4(a)
    Ibig po bang sabihin dito na ang aking tula kung
    ninais o gusto ko na ma published sa magazine, books
    or any and similar media ay dapat na laging nakalagay
    na “it first appeared in emanila and being reprinted
    with emnila’s consent.

    Ask po – Paano po kung na i pa publish ko ang aking
    tula ng walang nakalagay about emanila?
    Paano po kung hindi ako nakahingi ng consent
    ng emanila (written or unwritten)?
    May pananagutan po ba ako sa emanila,
    leagally or whatsoever?
    Kaya po katanungan ko kung ang aking(aming)
    tula ay pag-aari na rin ba ng emanila

    4) Edt’l Policy No.4(b)
    Tama po ba na ang ibig sabihin nito (sa aking pagkaunawa)
    na may karapatan ang emanila na mag republsih, reproduce
    sa ibang webpages and media, books, magazines, etc. at
    magbigay lisensya sa ibang parties na gawin ito. Kahit
    na walang written permission sa akin(amin) o sa author
    or mayakda.

    At posible po ba na without my(or our) knowledge or
    written permission, ay may mga items or tula “that
    has been or being republish, reproduce in other
    webpages or in other media, and that license to
    third parties has been given, “without written
    permission from me or any other member-poster”.

    Salamat po for bearing with me, gusto ko lamang po
    na maging malinaw ang lahat.

    At sa akin pong mga kasamahan at co-contibutor, paumanhin
    po kung marami akong naging katanungan at paglilinaw.


  18. avatar kagat_gulat says:


    sorry sa rules!
    ok na
    alam me na now!

    tol pano ba maglagay ng picture!
    gusto ko maglagay ng mukha parang sa iyo

  19. avatar Team Emanila says:

    kagat_gulat >

    emanilapoetry is avatar-enabled. This means if you register your email address with gravatar (see the link on the text above comments boxes: “Oh, if you want a pic to show with your comment, go get a gravatar!”) or any other avatar provider and you upload a small photo on those sites- not on emanilapoetry – then a small picture will appear in your comments.

    Your picture does not only show on emanilapoetry, but on other websites as well.

    Please note that there is usually a delay in displaying your picture as gravatar takes time to feed your details to other websites including emanila.

  20. Dear Team Emanila – I have a suggestion… why doesn’t the site introduce weekly contests for poetry? There could be certain criteria such as the poem submitted to be a haiku, tanka, etc… there could also be restrictions on the theme such as it having to be about a personal experience, etc? This would really encourage more community output and help to hone the poetic skill of all the members.

  21. Any positive response for my suggestion? What do the other members of emanila think?

  22. paano ba maglagay ng pix sa profile? wala naman akong nakikitang link sa profile page.


  23. Kamakatang Oliver,

    Bakit ba may picture ka, pano mo ba nalagyan ng picture yan. Ipaliwanag mo nga step by step. Pati itong si Kuya Bus sa taas ko, nagtatanong.

  24. Kuya Rod at Kuya DonBus,

    Yung picture mailalagay kung susundan yung link. may makikita diyan na “Oh if you want a pic to show with your comment, go get a GRAVATAR. mapapansin naka-red yun at pwedeng i-click. dadalhin ka nya sa gravatar making pero magre-register ka dun. may instruction naman and then pag nailagay na…mag-aapear siya after several minutes. minsan nga lang matagal mag upload. pero dun pupunta pag gustong maglagay ng pic.


  25. Mga Sir,

    Bakit po ganoon, may mga tula akong luma na may mga simbolo at naging marumi na may mga ibang letters, inedit ko na lang po at ang iba po ay nilinis ko, may mga nagiging dalawa ang pagkakapost. pinagbigay alam ko lang po, thank you.


  26. i’d like to say thanks for your comment on one of my first poems here in emanila. did you know that the poems i wrote is for my former gf who came from the same school you did? i also rad some of your poems and seems that we’ve been through the same things in our lives. hope we could be friends. i really need a friend. thanks.

  27. guys are we allowed to correspond with each other through texts? if we are i’d love to discuss our works with all of you. 09236866509 tnx just introduce yourself

  28. avatar Buena Carla Zaldivia says:

    Sa mga nakapagpublish na po, saan po kaya ako makakakuha ng murang publisher? At ano po usually ang covered ng bayad? At magkano po kaya ang range? Gusto ko na po kasi sana mag-publish. Sana mag-print na rin ng kapatid ng Ritmo para alam ko kung mayroon akong hindi isasama sa koleksyon. Baka sakali. Para mabawasan ang mga lalagyan ko ng “(Title of Poem) first appeared….” ^_^

  29. Cge pagusapan natin sa LB Square minsan

  30. to kapitantiago. i am angelina trinidad . same name as the woman you have loved. i am just amazed. perhaps, your angelina trinidad is very pretty.

  31. Merry Christmas and a happy new year to all Filipino poets! Keep the inspiration flowing!

  32. avatar blue angel says:

    please help! i have an entry at Sevenling (Kasalanana) last april 18 and it was all in filipino… i checked on my entry today and saw that it was in taglish already.. not the original piece that i submitted that day. i commented that i never used taglish in that particular train and the “taglish” was instantly changed to “mindset”. hope this can be clarified… and avoided..thanks…c”.)

  33. avatar blue angel says:

    sorry.. it should have been .. “i HAD an entry..”… =)

  34. Danny, good-luck bukas, may you win.

  35. finding it hard to Log in
    and post a new poem,
    what ba i click ko, from this page

    nagbago kasi setting ng PC ko


  36. ahh ilang taon na pala nung nagsimula akong sumubok tumula sa emanila
    kayraming bagay na di masabi ang sa panula idinaan
    marami na ding nagbago
    marami na din yatang mga manunulang naglaho
    parang kaylan lang…
    -tula lang ng tula


  37. Bakit po di ko na nakikita ang mga comments at tula ni Manonton Dalan

  38. avatar Ara Castillo Moises says:

    how to post poems po….hindi po ako makapag-post.thanks po.

  39. lopit

  40. avatar Heran De Sagun says:

    meron akong isa pang site sa weebly na nakalagay ang mga poems ko..pwede ko din ba na i-post ko rin dito sa emanilapoetry.com since original poems ko naman yun.please help.salamat.

  41. ,, jejejeej..i post u ah para makilala ka rn as filipino author.jijijiji.

  42. I am Carlos M. Castro. Few years ago I contributed a number of Tagalog poems to E-Manila, but I stopped. How can I join the group again?

  43. kumusta na ang mga katulaan ko kaya dito?

    tula ng tula

  44. Marami pong salamat sa emanilapoetry. It’s been a while na hindi ako nakadalaw at nakita ko na mas gumanda ang web. Maraming salamat po Mr. Cayabyab sa patuloy ninyong pagkupkop sa aming mga tula Mabuhay ka!!

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