wonderful caricatures of intimacy

it’s horrible dancing, excessive drinking, shameless flirting
all in a blur, words all in a slur–yet effective
enough to fool one, or two, or three or more.

it’s a bunch of lonely people
getting by another night
trying to shorten time
until they find light.

sunlight burns, like truth.
passion dies, like youth.

it’s nothing serious, all for fun.
keeping score, and finding none
of whatever it is they all really need.

it’s filling painful g a p s and yawning s  p  a  c  e  s
in and out, around and about.
but after everything, still…

it’s empty.

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Rz is a 20 year-old Organizational Communication student of UP Manila. Poems are rare for her, as she believes in inspiration being elusive. She spends her free time sleeping in the library, then spends her sleepless nights writing self-centered blogs and reading.

For chronicles of her life in painful detail, and other off the wall topics, visit her blog at http://alifeinrandomorder.blogspot.com/.

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