To act without compulsion
no hatred or fear for motive
possibility invites
without promise or prediction

faith in opening
wonder that instigates
groping without markers
blindness leading to sight

kindness lacks law
nurture dispels defense
pursuing another’s growth
a reason to change within

labor without profit
learning without direction
always yielding new ways
of thinking and practice

abandoning excuse to explain
solely giving without recoup
called love and sacrifice
lies except when doing

no final measure
no name to subdue
just exerting flesh and language
to accept another’s reach.

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I was born in Trenton NJ, but my father was from the Philippines. I lived in the Philippines from 1983-89. After 17 years in Chicago, I returned to the Philippines and lived in Naic, Cavite, from 2010-2015. I returned to the US in 2015 and presently live in Plainsboro, NJ, where I write.

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