Water lily of today

Water lily, so nice to see
At the shore of a lake
As you smell the bay breeze

They’re all bound up not scatter
A company of flowers
That crawls on water
Never fails me to wonder

Back then when I was a boy
We bring them up in our school
In a crack skull of a coconut
There we place then as décor

Some discovered a thing that’s cool
About its fibres which can be useful
Dried them up and slice into strands
You can make them bags of good brand

So now, water lily’s, not only good musing
They’re also great to support for a living
– – – – – – –

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Rod is currently a public high school teacher coming from his former job as Clerk at Dep.Ed. Central Office, Meralco Avenue, Ultra, Pasig City. He somehow like to write thoughts that cascades in his mind. He first started blogging poems at www.Myspace.com, pen named Greenfullmoon. He had 3,044 blog views as of 2-8-2010. Right here he wants to be known by his real name, Rodrigo Pantua Escobin. Display name: Rod Escobin - LBNHS. A native of Mayondon, Los Baños, Laguna. Youngest of 8 surviving siblings. His parents are Rectorino R. Escobin Sr. (RIP) from Los Baños and Estela Pantua Escobin (RIP) who hails from Pila, Laguna. Youngest brother of Reynaldo, Estelita, Esmeralda, Ramiro, Eduarda (RIP), Romulo, Rectorino Jr(RIP)., and Ricardo. He was born on June 30, 1967 at Los Baños, Laguna. He obtained his B.S. Commerce degree major in Management at the Colegio de San Juan de Letran, Calamba, (now city) Laguna in 1987. Still single but looking and a relentless lover. A cancerian. He would like to post Tagalog (Filipino) poems, and also English but in a Filipino cultured writings. He is grateful for being a member of emanilapoetry, extending his warmest thanks to the Publisher and staff of this website. He joined emanilapoetry on May of 2008. His first poem posted was about a famous Filipino boxer in that era. He once made it to the top ten, 6th placer for posting the most number of poems with co-emanila poets, last count has 212 poems posted. You can see his videos at Youtube.com, Kamakataan account, reciting few poems with fellow poets. Keeping the ember of poetry alive, this he cries: "Mga Makata, magsama-sama ng buong TUWA! Namnamin, Tamasahin ang TULA !!"

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