I wish I could say it like an old song goes
but the thing is,
I can smile without you
I can laugh, and sing–even dance a little, too

but the other thing is,
I do feel sad when you’re sad,
and what wouldn’t I do just to see you be glad?

I wish I could tell you,
say it like an old friend would
because I can’t help but bother
quite more than I should

So my point is…

I may be undefined,
obscured by lines I never drew
but simply said, I care
perhaps that much you never knew

And I think it’d be a waste
of a perfectly lovely smile
if you wouldn’t even try to use it

Maybe the right one hasn’t found you
but it doesn’t mean nobody else has

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Rz is a 20 year-old Organizational Communication student of UP Manila. Poems are rare for her, as she believes in inspiration being elusive. She spends her free time sleeping in the library, then spends her sleepless nights writing self-centered blogs and reading.

For chronicles of her life in painful detail, and other off the wall topics, visit her blog at http://alifeinrandomorder.blogspot.com/.

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