The StarGirl

I hold the keys to the moon
I have a great tendency to whisper dark secrets in a room
The light scares me but it is brighter
All this while I was murmuring somethings to my fragile self

Why does the human race create a roar?
A roar so loud everything got wasted
Lying on the foggy pavement are the dreams of the dreamers-men who have always wanted freedom
I wished there was a little girl who could put a single star on the night sky

So I can wish more
And be more of who I am
Say what, stargirl
Place a star beside my window tonight
So I can sleep tight
And the night has a smile
All this while I am tucked in
Kiss me good night, stargirl
Nobody going to scare me in sight.

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I studied at University of Perpetual Help System DALTA with a course in AB Mass Communication. I hope that my poems help lift people from any problems or anxieties they are facing in life. I am in-love with writing free verse and I hope you are too. I wish I can be a long-time member of emanilapoetry. Thank you.

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