The night settles in and rouses unfamiliar, untethered feelings.

Your mouth is but a whisper from mine.

Every touch, every caress, every drift of your fingers leaves a burning trail of gold.

Your breath mingles with my sighs, and your eyes relentlessly – shamelessly – lure me.

I cannot help but be scorched by the fire – trapped in the flames.

All thought, rational or otherwise, has fled my mind.

Only my heart, and the love that threatens to consume it, remains.

I am shattered by the first union of our lips – that foremost tantalizing taste.

Exquisite torture; a piece of heaven.

The entire world fell into oblivion, and I with it.

I dove headfirst into the storm, cresting wave upon wave of unchartered emotions and sensations.

Nothing had ever felt so right; and nothing had ever seemed more dangerous.

Your fingers wound themselves about my hair, and I twine my hands at your nape.

We are so close that the intimacy is already past bearing.

Together, we took from and surrendered to each other.

Breathless, I let you overwhelm my senses.

The clouds gathered and raged. Thunderclaps roared while angry lightning streaked across the sky.

Our bodies are alive with light and sound and freedom.

The wind and rain joined us in a wild, frenzied dance.

Through the blinding pleasure and the haze of distant consciousness, we come upon the universe.

I have come so high that I can catch the stars.

I have all that I need: you, and this love.

This love, which made you my slave, and I, your prisoner.

This love, whose existence I had not known to be possible, until you entered my life.

This love, which I never expected to obscure all of my reason, to drown all of my senses.

This love, which has easily rendered everything else unimportant – including my husband, my children; my responsibilities.

This love, which made me selfish; whose demands caused you to disregard your wife, your children – your responsibilities.

What burned in desire, now burned in shame.

I almost choke at the guilt; it filled my lungs like smoke.

It stung my eyes, and I sought take comfort in your arms, find solace in your words.

I have never been so complete, so content.

But at what cost did we attain this joy?

The pounding in my chest is but a small echo of the storm that has passed.

But in its wake, dreams, hopes, and homes have been destroyed.

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