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Tanka (Nihongo for “short song”) is the modern name for waka (Japanese song), the traditional form of lyric poetry which has been in existence in Japan for over 1300 years.

The waka or tanka is an unrhymed verse form of 31 syllables often written in one continuous unpunctuated line. Based on the original count, we will divide the syllables into 5 lines which are subdivided into 5-7-5-7-7. Since original Japanese poetry does not depend on rhyme, our takes on the poem may take a free form. It may rhyme, it may not, better if it does by some stroke of luck.

Since there are no strict rules except for the count, the English and Tagalog versions may be independent of each other unless the author chooses to stick to a transliteration. My initial attempt is something like that.

Hop in!


You have been chosen
the father of your children
so must be lessened;
that you are off to a start
that is as good as your heart.

Source: About Tanka and its History by Amelia Fielden

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