Tanka: Old Flames

morning fog
the longings of the heart
light the furnace…
rekindling and keeping warm
this almost forgotten love


fiery night
the echoes of love sealed
in your sweet smile,
never a distressed ship tossed
in the bosom of  a storm

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avatar About Willie Bongcaron

Wilfredo Bongcaron - Poetry has been the pre-occupation of this poem-writer ever since he could remember. Poem-writing challenges his spirit and allows him to tread previously untrodden paths.

Willie or Bongky, as he is known by his friends, is an A.B. Philosophy graduate from the University of the Philippines - Diliman. He finished his MPA course at PUP Graduate School. He has been connected with the mass transport system in Manila since 1985, where he is an operations personnel.

He is a happily-married guy with three brilliant kids and a loving partner. He believes that it is but wise to SAVE MOTHER EARTH; and we have to adopt and implement no-nonsense schemes and channel all our efforts to maintain Her environment habitable for the sake of humankind.

Through the realm of haiku-poetry, and poetry-writing in general, this poem-writer is attempting to give his modest share of educating the reader to be a lot more conscious about and act for the sake of MOTHER EARTH.

(Note: This poem writer has assumed a Japanese pen name, "Ao-Suzume" meaning the "Blue Sparrow". Thank you to Mrs. Gabi Greve.)

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