Front of the altar
They exchanged vows and “I do’s”
Lips kissed as proof

it’s haiku
Today, 9:55 p.m.

Loss Game

Five seconds to go
Looking for someone to pass
Found one, shoots but missed

7:55 P.M., today

Will You Miss

Will you miss

my rhymes,

my weird  dreams,

my voice when I call?

Without you,

they’ll  vanish

And I will miss them all.


Workers’ Nightout

After a week’s work,

They get their pay

And beer overflows

The women smile

And loud talks

About love trysts

And big plans

When the contract ends,

To go with every swallow

Of what they call,

Their hard-earned money.

Only Me

Only the night air’s whisper,

Only the stars’ flirting twinkle,

Only the crickets’ mocking laughter,

Only the frogs’ party chorus

in the mud pools,

Only the owls’ hoots

in the silent woods,

Only stories of ghosts and gnomes

around the campfire coals,

To keep me company

In a cold February night.



There’s Something About The Rain

There’s something about the rain

That I can’t help but think of.

The cold caress of the wind,

Each ticklish raindrop upon the roof

Knocks inside the memories I keep.

Oh if I can only sleep

And forget the rain!

The Rain

The rain still pours on

Upon the rusty tin roof.

It has been like this since morn

And I stare on the rain.

I search my pocket

For some paper and pen.

And I sit here silent

As the pouring went

With my cold lunch beside

When will the rain get tired?

Go Ahead

Quench your thirst

Satisfy your hunger

Feed on my feelings

Feel my heart beating

Control my emotions

The love, the hatred,

The sadness and joys

Go ahead and suppress

Your own feelings of guilt

Free yourself now

Or forever be the prisoner

Within the silence of your soul

Gather the threads

That bind the memories of long ago

Weave the lasting thoughts

And create a tapestry

Colourful, meaningful

And in my mind will come to life

Go ahead and speak to me

In words only I, can understand.

Metaphysical Solution (for ourselves)

Underteminable yet determinate
life is what it is
Problems may not be a problem
Just think about it

The criticism behind others
may be a criticism of oneself
Just open the mind including yourself
Whatever it may take
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Broad way

Sad or happy
Jolly or angry
Musical or play
Dance or sing

I see two faces
Beyond the high fences
Cannot reach by senses
Nobody could take it
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As it comes, one goes

Like a thief at night, it comes unannounced.  What happens afterwards may bring about closure, release or uncertainty.  Definitely, not with a sigh of relief to most, but with an uncontrollable fits of crying to some.

What happens the following day, after 9, after 40 days, after a year reflects the kind of religious and cultural persuasions of those left behind, in the first place.  If they let it take its natural course, then the usual rites, rituals, ceremonies and observances that follow will reassure most everyone, that it’ s a biological fact, an equalizer that knows no age, gender or financial standing  when it renders its judgment with finality.

To some, it may be the beginning of something worth aspiring for. To some, it may be accepted stoically since it’s  been something previously alluded to or even prophesied.  To some, it is simply a physical act that has to take place otherwise the term ‘overcrowding’ with all its astronomical connotation may mean literally that and how.

As to the exact time when and how it will come, nobody knows.  Does this notion then make it, more or less, comforting? Again, this depends largely to one’s  cultural upbringing or religious conviction.

It does happen at any given hour of a given day, in a given week of a given year.  Young or old, male or female, rich or poor, when one’s time is up, one is good to go.

How one prepares to deal with it, again depends on the richness or paucity of one’s repository of cultural beliefs or religious understanding.

If and when it comes instead, by knocking at your front door,  will you gladly welcome it with open arms or try to resist it with all your might?

Or simply open your door and call it by its common term,______ and deal with it the way you’re supposed to.


To hear the melody of the ground, wind and sea,

A fantasy many wishes to have for free.

But is it really worthwhile for them to have dreams,

If what we hear are explosions, gunfires, and screams?

Profound sounds that produce words are all false and lies,

If these terms are used to make mankind cry and die.

What is the beauty of a song if there’s no heart,

If the reflection of the soul is pure dark arts?

Dance to the rhythm of a melancholic tune,

Groove to the beat that will drown and burn away soon.

Is it heaven if all things revolve in silence,

When good, peace and unity meet in convergence?

If the mouth is used to praise our Lord up above,

Then our lips should also be practiced out of love.

We say they are the ones who are miserable,

Yet is it them, or us who are strong and able?

To us who can perceive all the charm of this world,

These are blessings and fortunes for us to behold.

If deafening noise is bursting out of madness,

When will children tune into tranquil quietness?