Water lily of today

Water lily, so nice to see
At the shore of a lake
As you smell the bay breeze

They’re all bound up not scatter
A company of flowers
That crawls on water
Never fails me to wonder

Back then when I was a boy
We bring them up in our school
In a crack skull of a coconut
There we place then as décor

Some discovered a thing that’s cool
About its fibres which can be useful
Dried them up and slice into strands
You can make them bags of good brand

So now, water lily’s, not only good musing
They’re also great to support for a living
– – – – – – –

Boat at the beach

There’s a boat at the beach
Which reminds me of something
That dates back when we were playing
Small minds we have, we were pretending
That we were at the sea, experts in boating
She was Estela, daughter of a neighbor
Her father is a fisherman and sometimes a labor
When I’m with Estela, it doesn’t bother him
As though I’m a son, to her daughter a kin

So off we go! As I recalled
“Toss the net, then pull in our catch”
So happy a scene, some children will join in
To play as fishermen on a boat at the beach,
that was only parking.

This game stopped cause we grew mature
Our interest drifted into other nature
I knew she turned into a lovely lady
I heard she married a man who’s wealthy

Oh those days were over
Cause now I’m more than fourty years older
But there were times I can still remember
When I visit the beach, “there we play there”

– – – – – – –