D eaf ears
W ill not
A bate and
N ullify the
E choes of my heart

and so . . . . .

D on’t you
W ant me to
A ccompany you in a
N ice, cozy place so I may
E xpress my sincerest and purest intentions?

D avid’s Tea (at Cal.) is
W here I
A ctually pick to
N estle in
E very instance that I like to unwind

I hope you like this idea.
Magtiwala ka sana.

March 18, 2015



This is how I show my Love,

A Teddy Bear that you can Hug,

And though I tell you avoid the woe,

Just hold it tight, don’t let it go

Rod Escobin

A dedication I wrote in the card for Grace. I sent her a Teddy Bear.

The StarGirl

I hold the keys to the moon
I have a great tendency to whisper dark secrets in a room
The light scares me but it is brighter
All this while I was murmuring somethings to my fragile self

Why does the human race create a roar?
A roar so loud everything got wasted
Lying on the foggy pavement are the dreams of the dreamers-men who have always wanted freedom
I wished there was a little girl who could put a single star on the night sky

So I can wish more
And be more of who I am
Say what, stargirl
Place a star beside my window tonight
So I can sleep tight
And the night has a smile
All this while I am tucked in
Kiss me good night, stargirl
Nobody going to scare me in sight.

Love and Verses

Let me stream my seven verses,

Extracted from within,

To have them rhyme with the roses,

As they pronounce the fragrant posies!



May God bless you my baby beau!

“May nothing you dismay –

But health, peace and happiness

Be yours in everyday! ”

I’m grateful for the time,

The laughter and the smiles,

Each moment a lifetime in miniature,

You have touched me, I have grown!

You’re gentle ways are of rarest kind,

I learn to celebrate.

Your coming is a gift,

It comes as sweet surprise!

I thank you baby for the friendship,

In accepting me for who I am,

In opening your door to me,

And the stories of your life!

I always love and treasure,

Your sense of thoughts and cares,

The eloquent surprises,

Swing in, my life’s delights!

You turned me into a kinder soul,

More passionate than before,

I love the freedom I see in you

As well as the fragile mood!

The whole gift of you, I hold it dear to me,

I wish the time be ever fair, and lay our eyes to see

The more of us in coming years,

May we forever stay!

An Elegy to the River

By the bank I stand and
observe the docile leaves
falling from this withered tree
where we carved our vows
onto this river where I drowned
my tears of anguish
realizing that you seized my world
with the silence of its flow
and left like leaves
stolen by its currents

I wonder if the stream
will bring you back to me
back to where we first met
back to where we cast
our dreams and wishes
back to the place where we
chase one another until
our bodies are moist
with sweat and water
back to this river which
left damp memories
of your departure

I weep and mourn
for this river will die
at the vastness of the sea
and you, forever lost
cease to exist
as this river’s destiny

To Rhoda


The gorgeous smile,

those eyes for which I long

Are about a part of your sweet allure

For though,

the depth of beauty maybe thin

Your loveliness

gleams the soul within.

A Sad Man With A Pen

A sad man with a pen.

That is what I am.

Alone in my room,

Alone in a sunless noon,

While the heavens sheds it’s tears

So am I with my verse.

With my stiffening hand I write

Of things I can only dream at night,

Of love and friendships and success

Of comfort and hope and bliss

And when will this torture end?

For my ink will never go dry,

For my blood flows in my pen,

So I’ll write again and again and again.

This is what I am.

A sad man with a pen.

In My Solitude

In the morning…

When the sun starts to shine

How I wish that I can see you very fine

Dreaming that we’re under the golden shower tree

Happily playing like a flower and a bee


In the afternoon…

When the sun is setting

And the awesome twilight is coming

I use to sit in our old wooden chair

Wishing  that you gently touch my hair


At night…

When its navel is getting near

I longed to kiss and embrace you dear

Imagining that we’re beneath the howling moonlight

Gracefully dancing while you hold me tight


During bed time…

When I need to take a rest

I yearn to lie down at your breast

Then calmly sleep like a newly born

Until the blessed brand new morn


But since…

You’re no longer here with me

I will keep on gazing at your memory

Praying that when my life is over

There in heaven, I will live with you forever



Talking to a loved one is romantic,

It’s when I lay my words between our glances,

But my love are best said in pauses.

An A-B Hindsight Comparative Study

Two books. Same chapters.
Same content. Different perceptions.
Different emotions.
Turn every leaf,
Unfold each detail…
Book A: Empathy-apathy
Book B: Forced-to-finished story
Book A: Beginning
Book B: Never-ending
Book A: History
Book B: Newsworthy
Book A: Sin, temptation
Book B: Salvation, redemption
And as I turn (and had turned) the last pages of
Book B (Book A),
They proved worthy
Of spaces (main spaces)
In my atrial library.


I look at your piece
and see the revision it needs
I also looked into mine
and see that it also needs time:
A time to improve
But our Editor temporarily approves–
That brings us together
So that I can bolster
Your sentence constructions together
Let me handle those words
you want to express
Even if you gave me 1/8 of
your excess
Patiently, I tried reaching, persuading
to get the remaining–
seems you wouldn’t give in

So just let me master my own
Before handling yours
Let time do the talking;
I’ll say nothing
Hoping this parting
would make you realize the need:
Revision. Completion.

Now, I’d be busy with my own,
hoping that someday, I’ll edit that piece
To see your smiling bliss


You are a glass
I want to hold you carefully,
as fragile as you may seem to be;
I shall not falter

You are the mirror
I see myself through
Wishing to know you
And look at you

I’ll forget those
“Handle with care” signs
I shall handle you with care
and give you another need:
Happiness, a nourishment
of its seed

You are both a glass, a mirror
I shall be your eternal succor
I am your bubblewrap
to embrace, to protect, to secure–
a corroboration of “love is pure”

You are a mirror;
you are a glass
Your brilliance,
I can’t amass
Still, I’ll lend my air sacs
to catch every
to secure, to protect, to embrace,
proving my love is your infinite space

To My Math

one and one is two,
but it can’t be true
for the two of us,
it’s a minus, not a plus
we were multiplying smiles and laughs
for the past four years in class
Little did I know–
Or you know–
That I was doing the same
For some illogical emotion
it drives me insane

This insanity is
that wen I solve
and understand and
find those
and tangents
all for the same
futile reason.

Futility. It all leads
to division.

And the quotient
is actually present

When I know
You and I
are now indifferent

Entrance To Life

this downward direction you go,
forthrightly, deciding what next
breath of small cloud you shall write,

until then, you bask in sunrises,

you suddenly stopped, to look,
as you see yourself staring
at the exact blank page,

once upon a time you
thought you can write,
as unambiguous as it is,
then this break—
ing of f,

executing wisps and wafts
of non-existent paralysis,

what can you write with
an ounce of being?

on the way to the trancelike mountain,
you try to go through your
documented papers of your mother’s
personal accounts of you

until as to being in Heaven, it gently
lifts away; for the meantime,
you nod and write alone.

July 2012