Not the blandishment of liquidation,
or the capital of potential targeting,
neither attrition nor conquest
interests the focus of this tale,
the successive orderings
have stripped the thinking bare,
rendering it susceptible to containment,
cowed by preplanned requests.

To the point that even the anachronism
regrets the outburst,
its irregularities, self assertions, foolish arrogance,
the mass scrubbing will not happen in chaos,
not even a whimper,
rather by the attentive desire to appease
the executioner.

How if the lever is itself trained,
the honesty of emotion rests in its screening,
that to deliberate and hesitate
becomes the cause for calling decrees down,
as if to resist required being pathetic.

So shall it who communicates,
the composure to falter
while the gentility presses with ruthless piety,
stumble instead,
apologize for the strain,
but still stall the queues of loyalists
who drained of mercy fall
as they defend and serve.