Magsisi ng mga kasalanan. Ito para sa akin
ang pinakamahalaga kung dumarating ang Mahal
na Araw. Hindi Kailangang magpenitensiya,
( o kailangan nga ba? ) mahirap din kaya yung nag-
hihirap na puso, isipan at kaluluwa, imbes na katawan.

Magsama-sama sa pagdarasal
Mula sa puso na dalanginan
Nababanaag din sa pang araw-araw na buhay
Hindi masasayang ang KANYANG sakripisyo


The StarGirl

I hold the keys to the moon
I have a great tendency to whisper dark secrets in a room
The light scares me but it is brighter
All this while I was murmuring somethings to my fragile self

Why does the human race create a roar?
A roar so loud everything got wasted
Lying on the foggy pavement are the dreams of the dreamers-men who have always wanted freedom
I wished there was a little girl who could put a single star on the night sky

So I can wish more
And be more of who I am
Say what, stargirl
Place a star beside my window tonight
So I can sleep tight
And the night has a smile
All this while I am tucked in
Kiss me good night, stargirl
Nobody going to scare me in sight.

Write Like That, Or Else

proclaiming dominion,
standing on oblivion,
encompassing wronged

of mists of smoke,
flow out of your babbling lips,
silenced through hardships
I signaled, ‘out’;

climbing from below the
pointy earth, I have had
enough of you singularizing
every pain, meanness,
unjust conceptualization
in your kinky poems,

I topple you down without
emotive armor, sensing to
give you paper cuts
now and then,

before we all get stunted
by your poor reading and
reflex skills.

July 2012

Entrance To Life

this downward direction you go,
forthrightly, deciding what next
breath of small cloud you shall write,

until then, you bask in sunrises,

you suddenly stopped, to look,
as you see yourself staring
at the exact blank page,

once upon a time you
thought you can write,
as unambiguous as it is,
then this break—
ing of f,

executing wisps and wafts
of non-existent paralysis,

what can you write with
an ounce of being?

on the way to the trancelike mountain,
you try to go through your
documented papers of your mother’s
personal accounts of you

until as to being in Heaven, it gently
lifts away; for the meantime,
you nod and write alone.

July 2012

Losing God In Poetry

then, as to what manner should
I act, to be in this very position
to argue; fruitful searching, struggling
to put forceful, nude entry into
meanings, therefore swerving away,

the white page murmurs white,
as the silence is beyond

I never stain myself sickly,
as I watch rhythmic flow double
with categorical rage, finally
I sway towards your hard-hitting shore

in feeble legs through dazzling
awakenings, what does poem
become when hate does run forth,
a wiped-out distance
against former authority upon
free, unthought-of, thought,

and the latter, with emotion so truly
sad that one dies, or a dreadful
ending, on the balance,

yet still, when we grope God’s hand,
feel its amazing weight,
you’ll always have enough rationale.

July 2012

Lead Me

their love hails down from
under the old, tin, corrugated

I saw myself, eyes darted
towards a rainy heaven,

forcing myself to regurgitate
profound truths,
leave them by the
unpaved paths,

since it is reality—-
that speaks; so thus,
I uphold the semblance
of warmth,

a grave full of my truths, nailing
me into this desperation,
like men without thoughts,

painted itself on the spacy
corners of this tall building,
this paradigm of a destiny

wants me this way

si amor, I am pained,
for it is an animated reality that
speaks, as told.


July 2012

Sweet Treats

Sweet are the gifts
the Giver gives …

Treats a-bundle
flown by crow
unlikely friend
at widow’s door [Read more…]

Gagawa Ako

ng aking panahon
tuwa kung may lungkot
kung balisa hinahon
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Light of Light

God is the light of light

He is in the moon

That light the night

God is the light of light

He is in the sun

That lights the day

God is the light of light

He is in the sun and moon

That lights the day and night

Your Light

If you are in doubt of yourself,
And you see none to be your help,
Don’t cry, if solutions are nowhere.
Look up, and you will see it there.

If you are blinded by the woes,
And you’re outnumbered by the foes,
You say to yourself, What is wrong?
My advice, my friend, is be strong!

If your life will be sliding down,
And shame and dismay is your crown,
He will never leave you alone.
Just don’t ever let go, hold on!

If the spirit seems to wither,
And it feels as cold as winter,
The heat of His love and embrace
Will guide you, whatever you face.

If temptations seem to linger,
And your life is in grave danger,
His love will be your protection.
Hear His words, that’s your salvation.

If you are in the world alone,
And your friends gaze like you’re a stone,
When they say you’re not fit for them.
But in His eyes you’re like a gem.

If you dream something very high,
Like to touch the clouds in the sky,
Don’t lose hope and never give up.
He will help you, so do not stop.

If your loved one just passed away,
And you ask, Do I need to stay?
His answer to you is so clear,
I am always here, do not fear!

If you think heaven is unfair,
And in oblivion you stare,
Wake up, and listen to His call.
Stay firm on your ground and don’t fall.

If your whole body slowly fades,
And the vigor hides in the shades,
When the pain is unbearable,
His care is immeasurable.

He is waiting there in heaven,
For His children’s voice, a prayer.
His loving arms, oh sweet haven!
He tests us to make us stronger,
To face the strength of the raven,
For His children not to falter.

If one time in your life, that is
There is grief, hatred, and no peace,
And if you have nothing, no one,
For everything you have is gone,
Always pray to God, everyday.
His light will shine your every way.

The Gift

It’s not a flower
To paint a smile on your face

Neither a perfume
To transverse your sweet scent

Nor a teddy bear
To embrace and feel its warmth

This gift is simple
Wrapped in a fancy paper

I have nothing to give
Only words to share

He’s knocking at your door
let him in

Pay attention clearly
Hear it whole and apply it everyday

For life expires temporarily
But your name will be written in his book of memory

This poem maybe short
And has to end soon

It’s not a flower
To paint a smile on your face

Neither a perfume
To transverse your sweet scent

Nor a teddy bear
To embrace and feel its warmth

This gift is simple
Wrapped in a fancy paper

But the thought lives on
Not on this poem but in this gift especially for you