Sounds Geek To Me

Over the radio one morning when the sun wasn’t shining

Heard was the voice of Mr. Geekly Googly Goo

Rain will fall; Storm will boil, down the city a-whining

Thus forecasted Mr. Geekly Googly Goo

Shall the wind head to West or down South go blowing?

Shall the rainfall cast deep floods anew?

Shall the clock tick and ring while storm’s still brewing?

Everybody asked Mr. Geekly Googly Goo

Should all planes stop flying? Should ships not be sailing?

Should kids stay home, and teachers, too?

What kind of storm is coming? What misfortune will it bring?

All kept asking Mr. Geekly Googly Goo

But before he could tally all the numbers he was counting

Suddenly storm hit, rain fell, wind blew

Thunder crowed and lightning struck right through the ceiling

Burning the top of Mr. Geekly Googly Goo

Of all the ceilings, of all roofs–everyone was left wondering–

Of all the heads, why Mr. Geekly Googly Goo’s?

But that’s the weather’s charm, no sense now crying

Let’s move on, said Mr. Geekly Googly Goo.