Stage Fright

I’d rather hide behind the curtains
I don’t want to be seen.
I’d rather watch, dim the lights,
or man the ticket machine.

But I would sing in the shower
when there’s no one to hear.
Oh I could be a rockstar
if not for this fear.

You see, I dream to entertain
with swooning fans at my feet.
To get up on that platform
and lose myself to the beat.

But I shake and I cringe,
I run away from the spotlight.
It’s just this terrible, weakening
incurable stage fright.

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Rz is a 20 year-old Organizational Communication student of UP Manila. Poems are rare for her, as she believes in inspiration being elusive. She spends her free time sleeping in the library, then spends her sleepless nights writing self-centered blogs and reading.

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