Questions and Answers for Writers Group Members

Frequently Asked Questions
* I want to view the postings of a particular poet. Can you please show me how?
* How do I join emanilapoetry?
* What types of membership do you have?
* Do you have an Editorial Policy?
* Do you, sometimes, criticize the works of other people who happen to be a member of your site too?
* I would like to know if my poems will be safe or if it is bound by copyright law
* How do I get my password?
* How do I post my poems?
* Are there rules that govern postings?
* Who are the people behind emanilapoetry?
* I want to place an ad on emanilapoetry. What are your rates?

Members Advisories – Part 1: Your Control Panel and Dashboard

* How do I post my poems? What are the initial steps I need to know?
* Are there posting rules which I need to observe?
* What categories should I select for my posts?
* Why can’t I use all UPPPERCASES or ALL CAPS in the title or text of my posts?
* Can I use ALL CAPS in my comments?
* Can I use personal “stylesheet” for my postings so that my entries will standout?
* Is there a restriction as to the number of posts I can make in a day?
* How do I edit my posts?
* How do I update my profile?
* Am I required to disclose my full name in my profile page?
* Can I change my username?
* I have an audio version of my poem. Can I embed it in my post? What format should I use?
* My audio file is not currently hosted. Can I send it to emanilapoetry for hosting?

Members Advisories – Part 2: Common Errors to Avoid
* Should I avoid using slang in my posts?
* Can I use contracted words?
* What punctuations should I use?

Members Advisories – Part 3: Publish, Pending Review and Draft
* Who can publish?
* Differences between Pending Review and Draft

Rules for Commenting

Rengahan, The Beginning
* Rules for Rengahan, Members Feedback

How to contact us?
* To contact us on anything (ads, alerts, subscription, etc.), please use our online Contact Us form with links on all pages of our site.