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Frequently Asked Questions
* I want to view the postings of a particular poet. Can you please show me how?
* How do I join emanilapoetry?
* What types of membership do you have?
* Do you have an Editorial Policy?
* Do you, sometimes, criticize the works of other people who happen to be a member of your site too?
* I would like to know if my poems will be safe or if it is bound by copyright law
* How do I get my password?
* How do I post my poems?
* Are there rules that govern postings?
* Who are the people behind emanilapoetry?
* I want to place an ad on emanilapoetry. What are your rates?

Members Advisories – Part 1: Your Control Panel and Dashboard

* How do I post my poems? What are the initial steps I need to know?
* Are there posting rules which I need to observe?
* What categories should I select for my posts?
* Why can’t I use all UPPPERCASES or ALL CAPS in the title or text of my posts?
* Can I use ALL CAPS in my comments?
* Can I use personal “stylesheet” for my postings so that my entries will standout?
* Is there a restriction as to the number of posts I can make in a day?
* How do I make a short URL for my postings?
* How do I edit my posts?
* How do I update my profile?
* Am I required to disclose my full name in my profile page?
* Can I change my username?
* I have an audio version of my poem. Can I embed it in my post? What format should I use?
* My audio file is not currently hosted. Can I send it to emanilapoetry for hosting?

Members Advisories – Part 2: Common Errors to Avoid
* Should I avoid using slang in my posts?
* Can I use contracted words?
* What punctuations should I use?

Members Advisories – Part 3: Publish, Pending Review and Draft
* Who can publish?
* Differences between Pending Review and Draft

Rules for Commenting

Rengahan, The Beginning
* Rules for Rengahan, Members Feedback

How to contact us?
* To contact us on anything (ads, alerts, subscription, etc.), please use our online Contact Us form with links on all pages of our site. Do not use any of the Comment boxes. Entries in the Comment boxes are publicly displayed.