Posting Rules

Things to observe when adding a new post

Always remember that emanilapoetry is a multi-author publication website. It is not a multi-blog website. As such, everyone is expected to observe certain rules in order to maintain the website branding.

Here are important rules to observe when posting:
1. Only unpublished material should be posted in emanilapoetry. See our Terms of Use and Editorial Policy for details. This means, poems or other materials previously published in other websites, books, magazines and similar publications whether offline or online, are not allowed to be posted in emanilapoetry.

2. Grammar and spelling – Posts which are filled with errors in grammar and spelling are removed outright.

3. Title

(a) A post should have a title. But do not use Untitled, No Title or similar titles as a title. Let us use our imagination and be more creative.

(b) Avoid using  numeric titles.  Aside from being boring, numeric titles are not search-engine friendly too.

(c) Please do not enter the title all in UPPERCASE or all in lowercase. Use uppercase for the first letter of the title.

(d) Do not enclose the title with a single or double quote. Do not end your title with trailing punctuations like 3 consecutive dots ( … )

NB: In web publishing, the three consecutive dots or periods signify a very long title or text which has been truncated.

4. Main text

(a) Do not enter the title of your post and your name as the first lines in the main text of your post. The title of your post and your name are automatically displayed when published.

NB: Posts with duplicated titles are deleted.

(b) Do not enter the text of post all in uppercase or ALLCAPS.

(c) Avoid using the blockquote to indent your text. The blockquote should be used for quotations and should not be used for styling or indentation.

(d) Avoid unnecessary bolding.

(e) HTML codes – Avoid using HTML codes and scripts outside those provided on the top menu of your Add / Edit post page. Non-allowed codes and scripts are removed outright. These include external stylesheets which are not compatible with our website design and layout.

NB: We regularly upgrade our design and layout to test certain features or version of WordPress. If you use custom stylesheets in your post, you are going to lose them during the upgrade. We do not port custom stylesheets to the upgraded versions.

(f) Do not enter your name, username, screen name or pen name at the bottom of your poem. But you can enter the date when you wrote the poem as well as the name of the place where you wrote it.

(g) Do not enter a link or URL at the bottom of your post or anywhere else in your post. Unauthorized links or URLs are removed outright.

5. Tags

(a) A post should have at least one tag. But do not spam your post with tags. A maximum of only three tags is allowed.

(b) Use keywords, not phrases. Do not use your name, username, pen name or any part of your name as a tag.

6. Category

(a) Only one category is allowed. Choose the category carefully. Do not use Uncategorized category. For English posts, select from the English categories under Pinoy Verses. For non-English posts, select from the Tagalog / Filipino / Pilipino categories under Tulang Pinoy.

(b) Do not select Pinoy Verses or Tulang Pinoy as a category for your post.

7. Team Emanila Review Notes

In addition to validation of your post using scripts installed in our server, we also regularly check posts submitted for our review or even those that have already been published. Where we find that your post requires corrections, we revert your post to draft together with our comments. Our review notes. if any, are found on the right panel of your post page window.

Please do not ignore our review notes. They are there to help you improve your post. Our review notes and your response are not publicly displayed.

Please note too that we comment only on posts which we consider as acceptable. This will give the contributor an opportunity to correct his/her post. We expect the writer’s response by way of correcting the errors or contacting us for any query. If not responded to within five days, the post is removed.[/hidepost]