pampanga back lot

the sun is a liar.

he swindles the shrubbery



every       day,


as   they   g y r a t e                             that


&         this,

scalded by his scorches.


he merely sneers

&   glares;

some     times

just sulks;                                                  skulks


the nearest nimbus.


theirs’ is NO choice.


they     thirst   for

some   sort     of




s   t   r   e   t   c   h     &       s   t   r   a   i   n

y e a r n i n g l y,



this   final  decollate











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Vaughan Rapatahana -

New Zealand Māori. Live back in Aotearoa New Zealand now. Still have home in Hong Kong, where our kids live.

My wife is from Pampanga, where we have also have a home in Santo Tomas.

Published in several countries e.g. Aotearoa New Zealand, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Macao, Canada, Thailand, The Philippines, Australia, U.K, USA, India, France and so on.

Write in several genre from poetry to fiction to language critique.
My New Zealand Book Council writers file is a good source to learn more about my work.

My latest poetry collection, Atonement, was published by University of Santo Tomas Press in 2016 and has been nominated for a National Book Award in Philippines.


  1. avatar Abraham de la Torre says:

    This is a rich back lot, Vaughan. I’m awed by your use of assonance which flows with complementing stanzas that break here and there as in a, well, back lot. Thanks for new words decollate and desuetude.
    My nit crits: shruberry should be pluralized since you used similar pronouns and theirs is without an apostrophe . Applause!

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