nag tangka alang nangawa

I see an apple
hanging from a pompous tree
my ladder is short   (nin)

i reach an apple
with my hand and pull it down
to shine on my palm, desire  (md)

adoring eyes lit
opening lips mumbling
you get kiss instead  (md)

hmm can’t have this one
jewel in my loving eyes
cry not, watching you  (md) 

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  1. smiling faces
    listening to stories
    as the twilight come

  2. beer, pops one round please
    i saw smile on her face
    quick glance. i’m impress

  3. she comes with smile
    napkin, popos and beers
    hawaian style

  4. would you like me to?
    put it in your tab later
    okay bob be cool

  5. puoring rain again
    frozen once it hits the ground
    fear of sliding

  6. snowing outside
    am fearful to even drive
    lucky am called out

  7. searing cold today
    wrap myself with wool jacket
    uneasy to breath

  8. the sun shines brightly
    over frozen piece of land
    rabbits run and hide

  9. snow melts; flowing
    deers grazing on open field
    un-afraid of guns

  10. crystal clear water
    sparkling to the sun shine
    shadow of your face

  11. falling leaves, beauty
    slicing rays and shadow
    i am sitting besides you

  12. pangalawa ito sa malunkot mong tula

  13. opening lips; sigh
    frightened frog jump to water
    my shadow erase

  14. madali hong isulat ang kalungkutan
    kaysa kasayahan. mas maraming
    malungkot sa munong ito. sa kabila
    wala. salamat

  15. ripples cross water
    disturbing a dragon fly
    i follow her flight

  16. clouds is too gloomy
    i lost her behind branches
    left wonderful moment

  17. lawn so green i see
    petals are fulling daily
    silver drapes, love it

  18. crazy wind blowing
    pollen stirring up again
    i sigh and cry too

  19. soaring in sky
    darting eyes looking for food
    claws burried in flesh

  20. blood dripping on ground
    dust came alive with crawlers
    birds start picking

  21. fire ants in frenzy
    looking for food to digest
    bit n took down bird

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