Members Advisories – Part 3

Publish, Pending Review and Draft


Members with Author’s status do not need to submit their posts for review. They can immediately make their posts world viewable once they click on the Publish button.

Pending Review and Draft

Members with Contributor’s status however do not have access to the Publish button.

Instead, contributors click on the Submit for Review button to notify Team Emanila that they are submitting their completed posts for review and for publication. Once the posts are submitted for review, the status of the posts shall be changed to “Pending Review” and these are “locked” meaning , the contributors will not able to edit the posts.
Team Emanila review all posts held under pending review. If the posts individually conform with the standards set out by Team Emanila (see Members Advisories and FAQ), then these are released for publication for world viewing.

NOTE: One of the first items that Team Emanila checks before reviewing the contributor’s first post is whether the contributor has provided sufficient biographical information in his/her profile page in terms of item 3 of our Editorial Policy under Terms of Use.

If the posts are not accepted (usually because of errors in spelling and grammar), the status of the posts will be changed to “Draft” so that the contributors will be able to edit them.

An email is sent to the contributors for the change in status together with notes from Team Emanila on what needs to be done.

The post notes from Team Emanila may also be viewed on the right panel of the Edit Posts window.

After the contributor has edited his/her post, he/she will re-submit the post for review. The status of the post shall again be changed to “Pending Review.”

The contributor will again receive another email from Team Emanila once the post is released for publication.

NOTE: If a post is not properly and fully edited after two requests, the post is deleted without notice to the contributor.