Members Advisories – Part 2

Common Errors to Avoid

Should I avoid using slang in my posts?

Depending on what you mean by ‘slang,’ but if you mean the following, please avoid using them. In emanilapoetry’s view, these are not proper to be found in poems (use the word or words in parenthesis):

wanna – (want to)

gonna – (going to)

Can I use contracted words?

You mean like the following:

1. your – If you meant you are, then the answer is no. The correct contraction is you’re.

2. bat – If you use it in a Tagalog post, and you mean bakit, shouldn’t you use ba’t

3. b’tiful, b’ty – We don’t know what you think, but to us if you mean beautiful or beauty, you should write beautiful or beauty.

4. ne’er – For never? How can we debate with Shakespeare?

5. dont, doesnt – If you mean to write do not or does not, then, you should have written don’t or doesn’t.

Note: This is not an exhaustive and complete list. We will update this as resources permit.

What punctuations should I use?

If by that question, you mean like period or dot (.), comma (,) question mark (?), exclamation point (!), etc. we leave that to you.

But try to save time by avoid too many punctuation marks.

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