Members Advisories – Part 1

Your Control Panel and Dashboard

We want to know more about you

After completing and confirming your registration, chances are you will be redirected to a login page. After successfully logging in, you will presented with your Dashboard.

If you did not provide complete biographical information when you first registered, head over to the bottom of your profile page and complete the biographical information box. Please make sure that the information you provide about yourself is in accordance with item 3 of our Editorial Policy as set out in our Terms of Use.

Once you have completed your biographical information, send us an email so we can review your profile page to determine if you have completed our requirements to become a contributor.

You will receive an email from us once you are admitted as as contributor.

How to post a poem

The Control Panel of a contributor has more options than that of a subscriber.

Assuming you are logged in,

1. Select Add New under Posts.

2. Enter the title of your poem in the Title text box. For the text of your poem, enter this in the big Post box.

Note that there are two Posting modes. One is Visual and the other HTML. If you are not confident in dealing with HTML codes, we recommend you use the Visual tab.

The Visual tab uses the popular “What you see is what you get” concept.

3. Assign a category to your poem by selecting from the list of categories located on the right panel.

Note: Make sure that you follow the Team Emanila advisory on category selection as well as other guidelines in this Members FAQ.

4. When you’re happy with the title, text and category of your post, click Save (if you want to do further editing) or Submit for Review to send it to us for review.

Are there posting rules which I need to observe?

Yes. We have set up posting rules to ensure consistency and uniformity in our website layout. These rules basically are as follows:

1. Select only one category for your post. Use an appropriate category under Tulang Pinoy for Filipino/Tagalog poems, and an appropriate category under Pinoy Verses for English poems.

2. Do not select Tulang Pinoy or Pinoy Verses as a category. Your posts are automatically grouped depending on the category you selected in item 1.

3. Do not use ALL CAPS in the title of your post. Use Upper and lower cases, or lower cases.

4. Members are not allowed to inject non-standard fonts and stylesheets onto their posts.

5. Do not enter your name or place a copyright notice at the bottom of your post.

Your name is automatically appended to your post. No need to place a copyright notice since it is understood that by submitting your post, you have copyright to the materials you are using. This is part of your agreement with emanila in accordance with our Terms of Use.

6. If you have a blog site or other sites, please do not place your URL at the bottom of your post.

All the details you want to share with other members and readers should be placed in your Profile page which has direct link to every page where your posts appear.

There are two reasons why you should not place a URL at the bottom of your post:

(a) This may be considered “spamming” by search engines and this may create future problems to emanilapoetry and your web/blog site.

(b) Placing a URL means that you are re-posting an article already published in other websites. // For more details of this, please refer to our Terms of Use and Editorial Policy with regard to “unpublished material.”

What categories should I select for my posts?

Select a category that is most appropriate for your poem. For English poems, select a category under Pinoy Verses, but do not select Pinoy Verses itself. This is only a grouping category. For Filipino/Tagalog poems select a category under Tulang Pinoy. Again, do not select Tulang Pinoy.

For non-poem entries, select Blogs at Iba Pa.

Why can’t I use ALL UPPERCASES or ALL CAPS in the title or text of my posts?

Not only do we discourage everyone from using ALL UPPERCASES or ALL CAPS in your post. We also do not tolerate ALL CAPS in comments.

You can use Upper and lower cases or all lower cases if you wish, but not ALL UPPERCASES or ALL CAPS.

Unless used as part of a design element, the use of ALL UPPERCASES / ALL CAPS is not an acceptable practice in blogging, newsgroups, discussion groups, bulletin boards, and similar community-based sites.

Others find the use of ALL UPPERCASES as rude and an offensive behavior.

UPPERCASES or ALL CAPS have been associated with flaming!

Can I use ALL CAPS in my comments?

For the reason as with using ALL CAPS in the title or text of your posts, we do not tolerate this practice.

Can I use my personal “stylesheet” for my postings so that my entries will standout?

We discourage members from bringing in their own stylesheets. Kindly limit your selection of font styles, faces and sizes to what are provided in your Dashboard posting pages.

Please note that the the stylesheets installed in our site have already been tested to a great majority of internet users, and our audience and readers must have given their approval to the stylesheets in terms of appearance and readability.

The use of a standard stylesheet is also in line with the character of emanilapoetry.

In short, please do not use styles other than those already available in the Dashboard.

Is there a restriction as to the number of posts I can make in a day?

We have not configured our system yet to install a restriction, and currently we do not plan to install any limit restriction.

But we do encourage everyone to please refrain from bulk posting.

A maximum of 2 postings a day or say 7 postings a week would be acceptable.

How do I update my profile?

Once logged in, click on your account name located on the top right corner. This will open your profile page where you can update your personal details including biographical information. This information will link to own profile page available to other members and the general public.

In your profile, you can include personal information like awards, testimonials, name and address of your blogsite, if any, and other information which will help you establish your credibility to other members and emanilapoetry readers.

Am I required to disclose my full name in my Profile page?

Yes. Please refer to our Terms of Use and Editorial Policy linked at the bottom of this page.

Can I change my username?

No. For security reasons, our system does not allow members to change their username. But you can use a pen name on your post by entering a name in the “nickname” box of your profile page.

I have an audio version of my poem. Can I embed it in my post? What format should I use?

Yes, you can embed it your post. An audio player is installed in our Poetry site. At this point, it plays only files in mp3 format. To embed an mp3 file, please insert at the bottom of your post the URL of your mp3 file using the following syntax: “[-audio:]” (Note: no quotes; also, remove the hyphens before audio and after mp3)

See this sample page:

My audio file is not currently hosted. Can I send it to emanilapoetry for hosting?

Yes. Email it to us as an attachment.