Let Kids Be Kids

By Nicanor Tiosen

Let kids be kids while they’re at it –
just keep an eye for their mischief
Let kids be kids, hurry them not –
there’s plenty of time for them to grow up.

Theirs is a time for frolicking –
for toy guns, dolls, and climbing trees;
Theirs is a time for loud cries and wails –
for bruises on their knees.

Don’t promise them anything
that you’re not sure to keep;
For the next time that you fail them,
they’ll not take any excuse you make.

Never say to them, “Don’t do that!”
They’ll surely ask you, “Why?”
Better say, “Let’s do this, honey.”
They’ll give you their sweetest smile.

Guide them through school and house chores,
Give them ample time to play.
Let kids be kids but don’t forget
to teach them how to pray!

(c) Nicanor Tiosen, Even If It Takes a Lifetime

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