isang uri ng awit


Huwag bulabugin ang sawa

na nakapulupot sa kanlungang sanga,

hayaang mag-abang ng kanyang masisila.


Itulad siya

sa taludtod ng tula

sa mga salita— banayad nguni’t kagyat

May talas, may pangil ang kataga.

Tahimik na naglalamay. Matiyagang naghihintay.


Sa himig, imahe at anyo

hayaang pag-isahin ng tula ko

ang tao at bato. Gumuguhit ako—

 maso’t karit—

sandatang pamatid

sa tanikalang nasa leeg.



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Oliver Carlos was born and grew up in the town of San Luis, Pampanga. He studied AB Political Science at the University of the East in Manila, but did not manage to finish it, not because of some difficulties, but rather because of his love of his country. He was kicked out of school because he spent most of his time in the streets with other nationalist youths, fighting against the rotten political system. He chose to stay in other people's houses and studied in the hinterlands with the poor farmers. In doing so, he met his future better half and companion in life. Now, he is one of the OFWs, trying his luck in foreign places to make both ends meet and to get his family out of poverty. Amidst all this, he keeps on looking back at his beloved country, especially his province, Pampanga.

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