In My Solitude

In the morning…

When the sun starts to shine

How I wish that I can see you very fine

Dreaming that we’re under the golden shower tree

Happily playing like a flower and a bee


In the afternoon…

When the sun is setting

And the awesome twilight is coming

I use to sit in our old wooden chair

Wishing  that you gently touch my hair


At night…

When its navel is getting near

I longed to kiss and embrace you dear

Imagining that we’re beneath the howling moonlight

Gracefully dancing while you hold me tight


During bed time…

When I need to take a rest

I yearn to lie down at your breast

Then calmly sleep like a newly born

Until the blessed brand new morn


But since…

You’re no longer here with me

I will keep on gazing at your memory

Praying that when my life is over

There in heaven, I will live with you forever


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