Editorial Policy

This policy governs the submission and publication of poems and other works in the emanilapoetry.com website and related sites.

1. The aim of emanilapoetry is to help promote – online and offline – the works of contemporary Filipino poets by giving them the opportunity to publish their works in the internet, and when appropriate, in books of poetry.

2. Only writers registered as members with emanila.com, or who have been accepted as emanilapoetry.com’s Writers Group members, can publish their works using a web-based posting script.

3. Registration will require completion of an online application form submitting to emanila.com the following details: first name, last name, e-mail address, country of residence, and biographical information about the member (example: educational background, writing experience, personal philosophy, and writing techniques). The member’s name and other biographical information about the member are available for public viewing, meaning by other website members and non-member readers.

4. By posting materials to emanilapoetry either using the auto-posting pages or by email to the Emanila Editor, the member-poster agrees to be bound by the Terms of Use published in the emanilapoetry webpages as well as by this Policy. As it is not practicable for emanila.com or its staff to authenticate that the poster has copyright to the material, the member poster also makes the following representations and acknowledgments:

(a) That the material is poster’s original works and is an unpublished material.

By “unpublished” is meant: Not published (i) offline ie, newspapers, journals, magazines, books, CD, and similar media, or (ii) online ie, in other websites or webpages. Works which have already appeared in the member’s personal homepage including blog site can be posted to emanilapoetry.com as if “unpublished works” subject to the member acknowledging and agreeing that, by posting such material to emanilapoetry.com, he/she confers to emanila.com pty ltd the right to attribute that the first publication of such material was at emanilapoetry.com. Any publication of said material by the member or third parties should prominently display the following attribution statement: “(Title of poem) first appeared on emanilapoetry.com and is reprinted here with consent of emanila.com pty ltd.”

(b) Confers to emanila.com or any of its assigns the right to republish or reproduce the material in other webpages or in other media – electronic or otherwise- including magazines, periodicals, books and similar publications, or to license to third parties the material for use in other forms, without obtaining the member-poster’s written permission.

(c ) Frees emanila.com or any of its staff from any liabilities or damages, legal or otherwise, that may arise from the publication of the member-poster’s material brought by third parties.

5. Whilst emanila.com acknowledges that creative works like poetry should not be limited in length form, because the publication medium is the internet, it is preferred that submissions should be no longer than 375 words.

In addition:

(a) The member-poster can use the stock graphics or images available in the posting pages to improve the visuals of his/her works.

(b) The member-poster can also upload graphics or scanned images to accompany or to be embedded onto the material. Graphics or scanned images should be no larger than 425pixels wide x 375 pixels high, 25kb in file size, and in jpeg or gif format.

(c) Because the graphics or scanned images in the pages of the posting script are stored in common pages, the member-poster agrees that the graphics or images become common stock — available for use by other member-posters.

(d) The member-poster further acknowledges that emanila.com or its staff can exercise their discretion in (a) editing or deleting part of the text to suit the audience of the website, (b) cropping or moving the images to conform to the standards of the website, or (c) deleting the entirety of the posting.

6. All postings should be assigned a category based on the classification available in the posting pages. This should help in enhancing the web pages and improving page navigation. The member-poster is responsible for ensuring that this is carried out, or that emanila.com or its staff have the right to change the material’s classification.

7. The member-poster should ensure that the posting instructions issued by Emanila Editor are adhered to.

This policy, including any Rules for Commenting which may be adopted from time to time, may be amended to reflect changing market conditions. It is the responsibility of member-posters to visit this page regularly to make sure that they are aware of any changes.

*** Before proceeding, we also encourage you to visit our Frequently-Asked Questions page which contains an elaboration, and implementations guides, of these Terms of Use statements.