After the seventh erasure
all in the zero both start and finish
signatures evoke laughter
for the fool’s reality hitting in tale

How one enters execution
another sanctified in confinement
same root sprouting
varying assailants

the mass begins with ejection
only worship no deity
thus truth to lop off rival rejoicing
the blood of the lamb burns twice the open palm

actual belief not property
shorn of intercourse
but the cutting through innards
to enter the impossible present.

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I was born in Trenton NJ, but my father was from the Philippines. I lived in the Philippines from 1983-89. After 17 years in Chicago, I returned to the Philippines and lived in Naic, Cavite, from 2010-2015. I returned to the US in 2015 and presently live in Plainsboro, NJ, where I write.

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