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You can contact us –

1. By post or snail mail:
PO Box 452 Kingswood NSW 2747 Australia

2. By SMS / International > +61 422 521 914

3. By email sent to Team Emanila using this page.

Additional ways of contacting us

*** If you wish to place an ad, kindly use our How to advertise on emanilapoetry page for information.

*** For returning member, please visit these pages:


There is a link to “I am a returning member. How do I post my poems? See answer to this question and other Frequently Asked Questions”


There is also information on how returning members can re-register.

*** Want to know how to post a poem here?

That should be no problem. All incoming registered members receive a copy of our step-by-step directions on how to post a poem on emanilapoetry.