Come before winter

The chill is coming I hear the wind
Like swirling leaves make sounds like waves
As funnels chase the palmate orange piles
And the early sun sets gently to rescind
I once was green held firmly for awhile
Then in this season I am left to ponder a spell
The briskness of the changing time
The barren feeling before the winter comes
I see the brokenness of my branches cold
Waiting in the noise & haste I stand
Watching the lines cracking on the freezing lake
Reflecting the cold steam gathering the vapors of my days
I hold loosely the remnants of the rays from the sun
Warming up to the shivering memories in my mind
Only to gather a glimpse of tomorrow’s eternal spring
Beaming in the hope of another waking moment.
Come before winters deep sleep to comfort me
Sing songs from the weeping willows somber tones
Meet me in the gliding breezes whispering melody
Redeem the time to walk the transfigured bridges wooden crossing
Toward the other side of seasons passing.

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Poetry is a passion of Morris Zamora in addition to finance and banking. He is Vice President-Diversified Commercial Division Principal Relationship Senior Manager Sun Trust Banks, Inc.


  1. avatar Morris Edward Zamora says:

    This poem is dedicated to my Aunty Puring who passed yesterday! My hope is she is in peace and gives my father Dr Mario D Zamora a hug for me. He passed in 1993. Blessings to the families left behind, this poem is a reminder that the season and times come but our time on earth is passing. There is a better eternal season just before us beyond the veil. Be Blessed! Morris

  2. avatar david arenas says:

    A beautiful poem that is a wonderful testament to your Aunty Puring.

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