How Glad

How glad to listen
to the music of the stream
Oh! what a marvelous feelin’
when its euphony flows into the bloodstream

How glad to dance
beneath the myriad stars
It gives all favor and chance
to end a none sense war

To be gentle
To fear God
To be humble
How happy, how glad!


You say you want to be with me
You say you truly care
But when I’m face to face with you
It’s like i’m not there

I’ve tried my best to make you happy
And please you in every way
But if you don’t want to be with me
there’s nothing more I can do or say

I wasted my tears on you every night
And i pray that tomorrow every thing will be alright
But things never do they always stay the same
So, i do realize you will never change

Waning Moon


the last

of a sonata

Rainy Days

to the last drop

a bottle of Rosso

to the tongue

slowly now

the chicken soup

to a heart’s

chicken soup…

the heavy rain

and an aching

potato chips…

me and my midnight snack

the distant
barking of a dog…
raging flood

tiny lights complement
rain drops

tap… tap!
after the rain

the rain stops
back to pedaling
the trike

roof burdened
by the heavy rain
water marks

Tanka: Emptiness

dreary night
the emptiness remains
while you are gone

’tis a senseless escape
this state of drunkenness

Brown Sparrows


flutter for
the day’s blessings…

carabao grass
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Rain Haiku

warmly tucked…

the heavy rain

to stop

a downpour

the traveler’s sight


Not a hungry bird

Not a hungry bird

Birds are so appealing
Instead of walking,
They end-up flying
A feat so astounding,
That man keeps on imitating

I have a pet bird, his name is rooster
He can fly, but not so high
But surely he won’t lose
If he competes against a goose
He wakes me up by his regular crowing
Then I go to work early in the morning

So I feed him well to be strong,…. so strong that you haven’t heard
And will never let him to be a hungry bird.

10:25 pm
Rod Escobin (poetic)

Two Little Light Bulbs

Up the store rack one night,
Two little light bulbs fight
One dares the other:
“Than you I shine brighter”
To which, says the other
“Oh no you don’t, brother!”

So both of them agreed
A showdown is up, indeed
One versus the other
To take turns on the tester
Whichever lights much brighter
Shall be taunted as the winner

The first bulb set out to try
He switched the voltage high
And higher … and higher
His filaments burning hotter
Than his tungsten can weather
His bright light turns to flicker

Boo’s replaced the hurray’s
As the first failed to make headway
Here now comes the other
Walking in,a bit cockier
Cheers get all the louder
As he sits on the tester

Like the bulb of him ahead
Light so bright is then emitted
But the crowd shouts, “Brighter!”
So he turns the switch higher
And higher … and higher
Till it’s too much for him to weather …

The showdown has now ended
Which light bulb is undefeated?
Neither one nor the other
For, both pushy challengers
Went a little too farther
In their bet to outdo one another

Mad as a Hat: If There’s Such Heat

He saw it first, she hailed it next.
Both know they’d claim either pretext.
The gap was surely out of the question.
It was omnipresent even in their fusion.
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At peace

Will you please remove the curtain of yesterday
For I like to glimpse the light of today
Get up from bed to start the day
Full of life, happy, and gay

Switch on the stove, prepare my breakfast
Then afterwards I’ll take a shower
Put on my clothes and go to work
Sharing my talents to my cohort

I slow down from time to time
For I know someone’s looking
If everything I do is all according
And trusting Him I am at peace

To live not for myself, day by day
But for His will, come what may

– – – – – – – – – –

A liner

“To control one’s self is to stay on course.”
– – –

My poem

I exists because God wants me,
To wander the entire humanity

And guess what I can share to thee?
My poem that’s full of melody
– – –
Jan-16-2010,past midnight

Timeless (love poem)

Though our lives are temporary
Our Spirit’s shall dwell into eternity
And in eternity I will always carry
The love for you on earth I treaty
– – –