Psalm to Silver

If decency were meant to fall from trees
the seed took time and, not unlike the grass,
the difference is that the fruit does not
allow itself to replicate and just

be plucked by hands unless they have a heart.
It does not drop, not by a thousand shots
and, like respect, grows silently, bides by
its time, no matter slowly, like sigh, to bless.

As hummingbirds are swift backward in flight
the prize or just reward is not as fast
that it does not depict a mirror that
one sees without reflecting its own heart.

Its heart is charity no margin wide
can ever thwart the thump in consonance
with unfulfilling want to sing like larks;
the nightingale, in nursing, soothes hard spots.

A heart is kin to healing kindred parts.
It cannot hurt that which it hears a lot
of ache from, verbalized or otherwise;
like pickled pain exacts an awful price.

The corners of a memory are daft
they seem to nurture chaff that is not apt
to sing in jocund company along
a solo spree gone scattering its song.

There is a line that draws between a broken
bond and brokenness. It isn’t thin
like rainbows rising only after rain.
It is a lining, too, its snow is sheen.


(Inspirasyong halaw mula sa (Ingles na) polyetong ipinamahagi sa burol ni Kuya George Kojima, kaibigan at kapwa gradweyt ng PREX, para sa ika-40 araw ng magiliw na paggunita sa kanyang paglisan noong Oktubre 19, 2015)

Kung makagagawa ako ng sulat para sa inyo
Kay rami kong sasabihin, kay raming gawain dito
May anghel sa bawat sulok, masigabo ang ganda
Noong ako ay dumating, Diyos mismo ang nag-estima

Sinalubong ako ng di-magkamayaw na tuwa
Mula sa nangakangiting walang edad pawang bata
Hawak-kamay kawing-kawing mula sa palad ng Poon
Kasiyahang may awitan at musika ng orasyon

Tinangka kong bigyan sila ng balitang tanda ko pa
Samut-saring pangyayari bago iniwan ng hinga
Ngiti ang kanilang tugon walang tanong maski isa
Lahat sila sa pagdiriwang ng salubong ko abala

Pagkat sa langit ang hudyat ng katuwaan ay kapag
May umakyat na kaluluwang sasalubungin ng yakap
Ng di-mabilang na ama, ina, anak, kamag-anak
Lahat sila ay iisa ang hangad na aking galak

Pagkat sa langit ang lungkot na alaala na lamang
Kagyat napapawi kasama ng dating kasalanan
Ang naiwang kaibigan, pamilya at kaulayaw
Ngayo’y kapiling na sa bahay, walang luha, walang lumbay

Magsasabi sana ako ng pag-ibig ko sa inyo
Bago ang oras ng paglisan ay wala pang segundo
Pasasalamat din sana sa pag-ibig na nadama
At kabutihang natanggap mula sa inyong balana

Lahat kayo ginigiliw hanggang sa sandaling hindi
Ko na masabi’t magawa ang mga nais at mithi
Kaya ayokong madama at lalong makita muli
Ang mga luha ng lungkot na sa inyo ay sumagi

Kaya aking kinausap ang mabait na Maykapal
Na tulutang ipahayag man lamang sa isang liham
Ang kalagayang di na dapat sanhi ng agam-agam
Ang langit ay lubhang ginto ningning ay ubod ng kinang

Dito’y walang karamdaman, sakit o anumang pait
At pagtanda ay isang bagay na hindi naiisip
O nangyayari dahil ang mga bulaklak at bukid
Punung-puno ng kariktan siglang walang kahulilip

Sinabi ko sa ating Diyos ang tungkol sa mga mahal
Kong naiwan na sana’y huwag Niya kayong pabayaan
Niyakap Niya ako sabay ng pagsasabing darating
Ang araw na tayong lahat di na paghihiwalayin

At ipinaabot din Niya ang pag-ibig Niya’t lakas
At dadalhin Niya raw kayo sa sandaling inyong tatag
Ay dumaan sa pagsubok at humina sa pagtawag
Sa awa Niyang kailanman ay mananatili nyong hawak

Ingatan nyo ang alaala ng ating pagsasama
At magsilbing lakas nawa ang gunitang masasaya
Laging naririto ang tahanang sa atin lang laan
Gawing banal at busilak ang buhay bilang paraan

Upang dalangin ko’y maging sa inyo’y magsilbing daan
Sa pagkikita-kita natin nang walang alinlangan
Ang pag-ibig at tuwang sa akin inyong inihandog
Gayundin ang dalangin kong sa inyo’y ipagkaloob

Ituloy nyo ang halakhak huwag hayaang luha lamang
Ang maging alaala ko na sa inyo ay iniwan
Hanggang ang tahanang aking ngayo’y banal na tirahan
Maging tuwang naghihintay sa ating pagmamahalan.

*Sulat mula sa Langit


Although they could not hear
My heart to them is very near
They could not hear any curses
That, to them is their advantage
Lots of hope is there for the deaf
Many endeavors are there and left
Talents are there, clear and seen
As an example, Ms. Marlee Matlin




This is how I show my Love,

A Teddy Bear that you can Hug,

And though I tell you avoid the woe,

Just hold it tight, don’t let it go

Rod Escobin

A dedication I wrote in the card for Grace. I sent her a Teddy Bear.


She sleeps with eyes half open
And all curtains drawn.
She looks at her scars
And peels them wounded
And feels more forlorn.
She blows the candles
And wishes them away–
A reminder of a year past.
She screams at the monsters
Under her bed
And summons them to hush.
She holds the gun under the feathers
And grips it tight to fire
At shadows on the wall
Whispers from the hall
And screechings thru the wire.
She fears the war
That long has ended
And still shivers from bombs
That blinded her
From daily shades of orange and yellow
Painting up the sky.
She lets her ears fill with salt
From rivers of quiet pain
But she’s an angel
Shattered and torn
Who shall flap her wings again.

25 July 2014

Marie Angela. You are a ubiquitous biscuit which reminds me of home. And one who quiets our scary dreams when we were children, on our beds, alone. Happy birthday, A.


I met her first,

At fifth grade,

A kind of sleek & slender,

Came along with a band of cousins,

The chord chart, the pick

And the song magazine.

One day, she arrived,

With few jolly fellows,

Who held a sort of celebration.

They frolicked well

On a case of beer,

The old time stories

And some pretty exaggerations.

Then handsome little chap,

My childhood crush,

Held her in style,

Play jovial pieces,

Friendly and fine.

A puff jingled out in the air

Then rested upon me,

A hunting silent wish,

Of strumming her in style,

Like handsome little chap,

So friendly and fine.


Sunset drew,

Everyone was tired,

At chestnut grove,

They laid her aside,

I advanced my paces,

To where she stayed,

And sneaked her out to play.


I gently pressed

My fingertips,

And helped myself

Through major keys,

At first, I barely heard a sound,

Just a strained resonance I’d poorly done.


Time has it and so with my fervent interest,

Down and up with teasing here and there,

Still I thrived hard

Gone through with the sets of sharps,

And the eager company of flats,

Tried intensely on tuning the six strings,

Cause I heard ’twas a must,

Till I succeeded on strumming.

(To prove my sincere effort,)

I started to play a melody,

It was a three-chord song

From the famous Freddie A.,

The blending of chords was a success

From the intro till the last verse.

She became a desired guest at home,

And suddenly a friend,

A fine friend I shared with siblings!

She intimately lives with us now,

Gracing us with music.


Through all seasons, she lingers,

In rainy days and in summer heat,

From birthdays to Christmas carols,

The choir practices and all time hits!

Handsome little chap still sings sometimes,

Though chestnut grove is gone!


A.L.S-Another lonely sunset

the sky changes its color from blue to red
i never noticed the time passes by
thinking about the love we started
looking far away as the sun goes down

sitting on my favorite spots and waiting
as the sky fades its color to dark
silently, invading the horizons of light
emptiness creeping slowly in my heart

whispering words, i murmur your name
calling the gods of day and time,I beg
to hold the beauty of ever-changing sunset
as i recall memories of the love we shared

but no, the day must pass by and sail
leaving me longing to the break of dawn
hoping i’ll be hearing from you again
my heart never stops asking your name.

As Simple As Truth

As Simple As Truth

Her out-of-Ripley circumstances will
without an effort shake a head or knit
a brow. It is not known if it is known
despite it all her disposition shines

as brightly as upon her face a smile
is stuck. There is no compliment that stands
to equal what her miseries amount
to. It’s enough that as she goes her way

her paintings, prose and poetry, she prays,
will somehow fetch a fee commensurate
to some of her stray acts of kindness thrown
as randomly as choices seem to thin.

She asks, however, bare of courtesy,
emboldened only by a heart professed
out of a mutual chord struck by a guilt
that took a friend for granted nearly naught.

Because she gives, oh yes, she does and did
when she was not yet shackled by the need
to hold her court which also was a fort
assailed by dire fate no one could thwart

aside. Until some time mayhap she could
put forth a fortitude she can’t repose
because like fear it cannot be imposed
on folk when miracles keep happening

albeit in small doses and she’s not
about to choose a flag that cannot cope.
She read to me a passage in a book
I never can repay the gift it took.

This is a love poem

Trying to birth itself along a path poured over
with rain water on a late winter night. There is light
from a lamp post reflecting from a puddle, an opening,
distracting my reflection of you.

The thoughts shivered in the breeze, as it rushes in
to seek shelter in words, recalling, linking memories
from a past, warm with embrace and kisses. Upcoming
are sub-zero nights. Be here to share my shivering.

This poem has reached its highest point after coming
down the Whistler’s snowy peaks. I confess my affection
is as beautiful as scenic mountains white with snow in the sun.
I am no Moses but you make my face shine.

Love and Verses

Let me stream my seven verses,

Extracted from within,

To have them rhyme with the roses,

As they pronounce the fragrant posies!



May God bless you my baby beau!

“May nothing you dismay –

But health, peace and happiness

Be yours in everyday! ”

I’m grateful for the time,

The laughter and the smiles,

Each moment a lifetime in miniature,

You have touched me, I have grown!

You’re gentle ways are of rarest kind,

I learn to celebrate.

Your coming is a gift,

It comes as sweet surprise!

I thank you baby for the friendship,

In accepting me for who I am,

In opening your door to me,

And the stories of your life!

I always love and treasure,

Your sense of thoughts and cares,

The eloquent surprises,

Swing in, my life’s delights!

You turned me into a kinder soul,

More passionate than before,

I love the freedom I see in you

As well as the fragile mood!

The whole gift of you, I hold it dear to me,

I wish the time be ever fair, and lay our eyes to see

The more of us in coming years,

May we forever stay!

Morning After

Woken by the tired radio
once more
like all the other

of painstakingly waiting
for sunrise
aware that the forthcoming day
would be squandered
an offering to the
wastebasket of eternity
morning sun
burns my already
withered body

I’d slay for
a drop of water
Make it two!
But I am paralyzed
the smell of alcohol,
cigar, sweat, and bile
remains concocted frivolously
in my nose

empty bottles on the table
shattered glass on the floor
like the once broken relationship
with the breathing corpses
around me

ruined by untold proximity
and unmerciful minutes that
turned to forgotten days
of separation
nursed only by
the burnt birthday candles
of last night’s
festivity of lost souls.

beside me moans
and twitches.
A friend has resurrected.

An Elegy to the River

By the bank I stand and
observe the docile leaves
falling from this withered tree
where we carved our vows
onto this river where I drowned
my tears of anguish
realizing that you seized my world
with the silence of its flow
and left like leaves
stolen by its currents

I wonder if the stream
will bring you back to me
back to where we first met
back to where we cast
our dreams and wishes
back to the place where we
chase one another until
our bodies are moist
with sweat and water
back to this river which
left damp memories
of your departure

I weep and mourn
for this river will die
at the vastness of the sea
and you, forever lost
cease to exist
as this river’s destiny

An Ode to My Baby Beau

I wish to write a verse in pure tranquility,

To have your eyes engaged with its continuity

At least my hunch, wish would be right

For you, baby Beau, a friend of mine

I only pray, in here at least –

I would be fair and kind.


It was I guess in charming April

Or merry month of May –

When you came into my door

Back then I didn’t know

That we’d be drawn a little close

With just some few assemblies.


I thank God indeed

When you had came around

Though I never knew it yet –

If you could be a friend

But I saw a gentle soul in you,

And now I found it true!


The endless chatting that we have

And late night lengthy calls

Are means of bridging –

Far two distinctive souls,

With far different orientations,

Though there are few exceptions!


You’re being restless and stubborn

In ways I understand

Being drowsy and impatient

Well, then, I am sometimes –

Forgive me, if I say

You keep a dose of pride!


That’s why you seldom start

A chat, a text and call

But I do appreciate

Your precious prompt replies –

And in my part, I guarantee

Never, shall I grow weary!


We can go on any topic

From reflective to the trivial,

Our honest life’s confessions

The funny and stupid ones –

From insertion of emoticons

To bursting our true emotions!


Moreover I wish you still remember

You got me into a deal

Of having some cold beer

On one of these weekends

Promise me then you wouldn’t tell

If I get too drunk and faint!


Our friendship I hold it close

A shade and sure refuge

From arid circumstance,

And unexpected misfortune,

Against life’s peculiar discomfort

To our constant misapprehensions!


There are plenty things I want to say,

And let me tell it right –

You gave me easy afternoons,

And made my work just light,

But most of all it is your voice,

I ardently desire!


In friendship, they had said

We need few words indeed

Just give that love away –

To cherish; come what may

So let me be your friend,

In all seasons, in highs and lows!


I wrote my verse steadily,

Reviewed it with my eyes,

To see that I have never missed,

The thoughts of calm intensity,

That, dear, someone mentioned here –

For you, I hope I rhymed it fair!

A Heaven in Your Smile

I love to come into a place,

I call it the high north zone

It suits me just as well.

The very home that I esteem,

For it holds a smile for me

Long been that I admired –

Since April sun had shown on me

Those sentiments that flourished then.


Now, on every weekend morn

I wake up beside those lovely smiles.

And on each spark of which,

Flies gently through my eyes –

An inch apart my pillow

Unfurls my every dream

The warms it brings upon my heart

Enclose a joy, I can’t explain!