The StarGirl

I hold the keys to the moon
I have a great tendency to whisper dark secrets in a room
The light scares me but it is brighter
All this while I was murmuring somethings to my fragile self

Why does the human race create a roar?
A roar so loud everything got wasted
Lying on the foggy pavement are the dreams of the dreamers-men who have always wanted freedom
I wished there was a little girl who could put a single star on the night sky

So I can wish more
And be more of who I am
Say what, stargirl
Place a star beside my window tonight
So I can sleep tight
And the night has a smile
All this while I am tucked in
Kiss me good night, stargirl
Nobody going to scare me in sight.


That words would plow the earth
thoughts could plant rice
ideals have the force of fire

often however
when the room empties of voices
we know more pressing concerns
leave us in dust

the food many students cannot afford
the second hand clothes that tatter with play
futures neglected in decaying
overcrowded classrooms

we poets of wonder
who martyr our time and pleasure
that our students may learn to create
like field hands, we were chosen
by overseers too bloated to care

if we give up, the masters find replacements
if we resist, they throw us out
administrators who believe learning happens
with a flow chart, a budget cut,
and their own power to hire and fire

but in the hallways foreign to discovery
we hatch curiosity in the hearts we nurture
with an errant compliment planted over despair
we open a universe for a student to explore
in themselves

where there is self hatred,
we sow possibilities of love,
where prisons of fear
we show one is not alone

without thanks or honors
we still unearth the most important treasure
our students’ abilities
to build a world
we never imagined
but sought in their dreams.

A.L.S-Another lonely sunset

the sky changes its color from blue to red
i never noticed the time passes by
thinking about the love we started
looking far away as the sun goes down

sitting on my favorite spots and waiting
as the sky fades its color to dark
silently, invading the horizons of light
emptiness creeping slowly in my heart

whispering words, i murmur your name
calling the gods of day and time,I beg
to hold the beauty of ever-changing sunset
as i recall memories of the love we shared

but no, the day must pass by and sail
leaving me longing to the break of dawn
hoping i’ll be hearing from you again
my heart never stops asking your name.


Greet the sunrise with warm delight on its eager ascent,

And see the hope it endorses;

Bid the sunset with respect and tenderness on her soft descent,

And feel the fullness of life it bequeaths!


When pale yellow light rises with evening stars

Momentarily you feel lonesome,

But it’s not eternal, for you know,

What came in between, you lived it with graciousness!


Let’s celebrate the dawn and cheer the dusk

With the invisible Maker of these living arts

By the bliss and sorrow, the wonder and discontent

Not long, all shall be enlightened and satisfied!



Soft Delights


Hear the soft drizzle upon the roof,

The quiet ebbing of the tide

Hear the gentle infant’s breathing,

When mother hums a lullaby.


Hear the stillness of the night,

The muted flickering of candle light

Hear the snuggling feathery pair

When chill of winter fills the air!


Heed the deep sobs and hushes

The quiet prayer of broken hearts

Hear the breathing of life and love

Caressing with comfort and delight!



Love Notes

Valentine’s Day
the many ways of saying:
”I love you”

love day
it’s business as usual
with flowers

coffee bar
drinking my café latte
in a heart-shaped cup

River Moon


two shadows drown
in the magic of their kiss
river moon


only the warmth
of a tight embrace
cool breeze


a heart etched
and nurtured by the moon
lover’s nest



It was as fast as a millisecond
when He gave you;
I had no clue
that upon the next word
I’m going to type,
our fate was about to collide.

Those nights of seemingly hell
Turned out to be better than well.
Click here. Post there.
I didn’t know;
You have clicked ‘like’ on my heart as well.

Shall I attribute this to your techno-savvy demeanor
For as fast as the bytes transfer,
You make my heart flutter
And my apathy wither

Click here. Post there.
An update.
You could have been late.
Soon, we’re going to evacuate.

Click here. Post there.
Tag pictures.
Am I having seizures
in this’e-nteraction’?
I re-learned a lesson:
My hub’s resuscitation.

Click here. Post there.
Shall I commend your skills again–
For keeping this system (I call ego and dignity)
intact and even?

Click. Post. Like.
Time flies;
I wish it’ll hide
I didn’t know,
Again, as fast as a second’s fraction
The window prompts, “Move on”
No choice but to click “yes” button

Since you’re offline,
You can’t fix my cyber-glitches.

Rites (For Andrei)

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The Night Is Ripe (Tanka)

the night is ripe
to pen you a song…
the waves are still
and the music shall bind
you closer to my heart

Our Last Embrace

it was one of those ordinary nights

watching tv while lying in bed

mommy’s there folding our clothes

and you just being you

doing a little baby talk


with your infectious smile

and bubbly personality

your eyes widen

and your laughter filled our bedroom.


with me teasing you

you made that funny face

yeah funny, but beautiful to me

i just can’t take it off my mind.


you suddenly stood up

pretending to cry and your big arms flailing

you suddenly ran towards me with arms wide open

and gave me one big hug


a hug so special

i felt your love for me

i felt so much happiness and contentment

coz here’s my princess in my arms


what i didn’t realize

it’ll be our last happy embrace

oh how much i missed that

an embrace that will be one of my precious memories.



There is a pleasant promise
that cannot break the back
for it is a sincerity
that does not join the pack

of sugary and spicy niceness
that often ends up sour
when over time and busyness
the pledges turn up dour.

This one is told simple and plain
as one would breathe when out of air
it emanates from heart to ear
born out of wanting to declare

the mouth devoid of matter foul
just asking out of casual glee
to seek the yearning of the soul
and reap the fruit of liberty.

Here lies in faithful watch and wait
the core of that which bonding bred
a mutual pact of loyalty
however bruised and in the red.

Somewhere In The Blue

Somewhere in the blue
When everybody is asleep
I will tuck you in quietly sound
In the most secretive corner

And I long to sigh these words
When I knew it was you who draw
This world a question mark to its nose
And all I had to do was just to ask
Where have all the peace gone to?

I turned to you and whispered moments
As though it will never happen in time again
It is as if the sky had built a world that
Only you and me can cry into and bend

All the while I saw you waving farewell
To that one place that we will know so well
It is as seems the greatest lie in this world
When all the love in our veins had been
Seeped dry

I quietly told you “I love you”
And all the painful things one has to hear
All the more you told me to be braver still
For it is somewhere, we will shine again

A Girl

A girl
Let’s call her me
Went down to see
With her own eyes
What life is all about
Talking, breathing
Speaking of languages
Of tongues, of mazes
Bent her head to see
That it was just for fact.

And all around her
Proved too much
Slipping for words
She mistakenly
Put her heart where
Her world is, and
Now it’s clouded,
And every thing
Makes it more
Difficult to see,
Or just peek into
And be made whole,
Like so.