I met her first,

At fifth grade,

A kind of sleek & slender,

Came along with a band of cousins,

The chord chart, the pick

And the song magazine.

One day, she arrived,

With few jolly fellows,

Who held a sort of celebration.

They frolicked well

On a case of beer,

The old time stories

And some pretty exaggerations.

Then handsome little chap,

My childhood crush,

Held her in style,

Play jovial pieces,

Friendly and fine.

A puff jingled out in the air

Then rested upon me,

A hunting silent wish,

Of strumming her in style,

Like handsome little chap,

So friendly and fine.


Sunset drew,

Everyone was tired,

At chestnut grove,

They laid her aside,

I advanced my paces,

To where she stayed,

And sneaked her out to play.


I gently pressed

My fingertips,

And helped myself

Through major keys,

At first, I barely heard a sound,

Just a strained resonance I’d poorly done.


Time has it and so with my fervent interest,

Down and up with teasing here and there,

Still I thrived hard

Gone through with the sets of sharps,

And the eager company of flats,

Tried intensely on tuning the six strings,

Cause I heard ’twas a must,

Till I succeeded on strumming.

(To prove my sincere effort,)

I started to play a melody,

It was a three-chord song

From the famous Freddie A.,

The blending of chords was a success

From the intro till the last verse.

She became a desired guest at home,

And suddenly a friend,

A fine friend I shared with siblings!

She intimately lives with us now,

Gracing us with music.


Through all seasons, she lingers,

In rainy days and in summer heat,

From birthdays to Christmas carols,

The choir practices and all time hits!

Handsome little chap still sings sometimes,

Though chestnut grove is gone!



Shinny floating globules
So thin almost invisible.
An effervescent joy
Too fragile we cannot hold.

A cluster of tiny particles
Robbed of precious liberty
Walled within a thin film liquid
Waiting to be free.

Winks of fleeting delights
Unto the childish eyes
Draft, heaped and twirled inside
Spinning around for just awhile.

Wind can make them dance
And in turn can undermine,
As we glide to life’s commands
There’s a time that life declines.

With countenance they can’t hide
In sleek transparency,
They put smiles on every child
And on adult faded curiosity.

the little girl

the little girl i like

the little girl i love

the little girl who become a teacher

the little girl who become a principal

the little girl who is now a widow

the little girl who arrive yesterday from america

the little girl fifty one years ago

the little girl who is now at bongabon nueva ecija

from koronadal city i will fly to bongabon nueva ecija

tomorrow i will see the little girl fifty one years ago

am excited to see the little girl, its full of suspense

i know not what will come next ha ha ha ha ha ha ha

now is the time to be ha ha ha ha he he he he…………..

112609 happy thanksgiving day

happy thanksgiving day
enjoy the day so as the night
reach out to share joy
smile for blessing you have
understand people’s differences
they are there for you to deal with
be tolerable, be kind, be patient
somebody will do same to you
that’s great to know
say something nice


No purpose is more noble

than making someone happy.

For aren’t we born into the world

to make this place

                less lonely?




The first glass was for
the dark dude – May the force
Be with us! And the rests
were for the circle, of course.

Long wards, I felt the blood crawled
up to my nape; worse
I couldn’t trace the line
leading to the toilet.

Behind the wailing voices
and boisterous laughter I let
the senior citizen share things
about his staying-young- secrets.

Thankful still, it wasn’t resulted
To a drinking spew.


Sevenling (Spree)

(For the one helluva drinker)

That was no ordinary Friday night:
Lights were dim – I thought ‘twas just my sight –
Mouth-watering pulutan served then ice-cold beers, I might

Be right or wrong with this: (Come on!)
My tongue was numb, I stammered. I failed Orange and Lemons’
expectations. Fortunately, there were no laughing demons.

Ham’s turning the table; methought it was turning.



I read in a magazine
A new concept in the West
To us it would be obscene
They call it “Funemployment”

For them if they lose their jobs
There are dole outs on the wing
For us, without decent employ
We’ll feel hunger’s bitter sting

There, losing your job can be fun
Sit back, collect checks, and surf
In Asia, if there’s no work done
Soon you’ll be pushing up dirt

They think they’ve got it bad
They don’t know what bad truly is
They frown when they have no excess
We smile when we make ends meet



To you who deluge my Inbox all day

With unsolicited ads and chatter

In digital hell, I reserve you a place:

The hotter and deeper, the better

It seems there’s never a moment

That you do not send some torrent

Of inane messages, posts or twitters

I think to crash my hard drive is better

Than letting you fill it to the brim

With messages that need forwarding

Warning divine retribution when

You do not send it to 50 friends

Did you know, once upon a time,

Mr. Gates so mistakenly opined

That spam would soon run out of time

(The chance of that fat as his behind)

If nothing else, it’s gotten worse

Like a zillion rats and flies giving birth

To an electronic biblical swarm

It’s not the exception but the norm!

I call upon whatever Techno Gods that be!

To hear and act on my fervent plea,

For every insipid message spammers send

Place a thousand boils on their rear ends!

Hints on Language for Americans and British by a Filipino

Hints on Language for Americans and British by a Filipino
(A reply to “Hints on Pronunciation for Foreigners”)

I take it you already know
That we have pronunciation woes
We, the non-native speakers who
May have trouble with throw and threw
Yes, we may pronounce dead as deed
Or wed as weed and bed as bead
But if you think English solely yours:
Get off your linguistic high horse.

Or maybe you haven’t yet heard
You’ve borrowed many foreign words
Just to name one, the word boondocks
Is a funny way of saying bundok
Emir, soy, yam, avatar
You have borrowed words near and far
So what if we err using yours?
It’s part of language’s discourse
Furthermore, there’s nowhere to run
We outnumber you, two to one
They say “Vox populi vox dei”
So we will speak English our way
If we want to say beard like bird
Please, there’s no need for your harsh words.

A Midsummer Reverie


A tower jutted out from a sun browned hill,
Seemed like miles from where I walked,
Yet its shimmer beckoned with an alluring light
Daring me on to venture the daunting climb.

What awaits in yonder hill? A rampart of historic note
An ancient ruin wherein mystic runes may be found,
Or maybe just a pile of crumbled relics in dire neglect?
Curiosity and fancy took the better of me so I trod.

On a child’s delightful wings I climbed,
Tortuous trek towards a goal of uncertain discoveries.
Finding the Grail, or an infidel king’s scimitar seized.
Oh what noble finds and deeds atop a sun browned hill

But at the top nothing but the mockery of small birds and
The harsh sting of hot dust borne by a midsummer wind

How Little We Know

Like the storied boy combing the strand of a vast ocean,
With the shoreward Habagat slamming my blushed cheeks,
I wondered about the precise undulation of tidal waters.
In my palm shifty sands fall off between my fingers,
Calculating how many handfuls of these make creation,
Determinedly guessing, trying to grasp reasons for it all.

It is enough that I was a witness to God’s grandeur
All the beauty of this world streamed through my eyes
It sufficed that I sensed His majesty, not thought it,
Felt His love rather than understood it.
He made an awesome and glorious world in my time,
But, then the world was not that beautiful at all times
I do not need to know why, really I don’t. Do you?

Sweet Tooth, Sweetheart

i will never lose
a lady i never had.

i can never claim to have loved
if this love was never revealed.

i loved the lady i never had,
for loving is never owning.
loving is sharing
the craving for chocolates,
the thirst for ice cream,
the dreams in sweets and
the twists in pastries.

ice cream,
and pastries:
all are heavenly treats
for they graced the party
that brought the lady
close to my heart.
never to own
but to love
for the rest of my life.

my inspiration

it’s not too late to move forward

to set off  your foot on journy

and make new goals in life

there could be always hope


i believe in chancess

in our capacity to change

i believe in mind power

it only depend on how bad you want it


some how

some day

any how

one day


we will be free at last

no matter how long it will take

it will still happen

if were really striving for our happiness


happiness that we deserve

not the illusion one,

happiness that will benefit every one

not the one that comprimise our love one


your love

your story

and life

is something i look upon when im in dark


my inspiration