Forever High School

“If I can ask God just one wish, then

I wish I were forever high school”

For I had seen my life here

On top of the pedestal where

Great mornings are painted by

The different smiling and lovely

Faces which everytime greet me.

Where great scenes are

Fashioned by the different

Sounds of music which

Everytime comfort me.

Where great moments are

Nurtured by the different

Rings of failures and triumphs

Which everytime inspire me.

And where great days are

molded by the different skillful

hands and minds which

everytime remind me of where

I came from…

“…La Salette, this is my home

And forever my home…”

High school may be full

Of indescribable feeling

yet it depicts life’s

best description.

Why does life have to

Go on and on even when

We are happy and satisfied

Of what we are already?

I am not Michael Jordan

But I soar and fly.

I am not a king

But I am well-respected.

I am not Shakespeare either

Yet I feel romance.

I am not God but

I already have everything.

I have already everything,

What more can I ask for?

I shall like to stay

to a place I have all.

I shall not like a

Turtle that is slowly

Moving but I shall

Like a statue-unmoving.

When I graduated, I lose

Several important things in

My life all at the same

Time. If I have the control

Of a clock, I shall

Stop it to the time

I have all-so I

Have nothing to lose!

“If I can ask God just one wish, then

I wish I were forever high school”

haiSkuL Layf: A Glance

nary a squeak
without batting an eye comes
the terror teacher

apple of the eyes
good grades and reputation
lucky teacher’s pet

head turner she comes
and the crowd watch her in awe
she’s cute campus crush

tall, dark and handsome
quick playing but not learning –
the varsity kid!

how funny antics
just made him as number one
teacher’s enemy

IQ advantage?
no one knows what, how and why
but the campus nerd

not so cute and smart
but always cool and bubbly!
your average guy

different people
all walks of life, complements
joyful “hayskul layf”!


exchanging kisses
love letters and promises
on graduation day!


a leave from a place
from years of education
marking completion


Marching to that familiar melody,
Sweating excitedly from humidity.
Pavedway crackling underneath the heels,
Hearing the thunder of their own heartbeats.

Most are mesmerized by this event,
As they ready themselves to be freed,
Like birds ready to ride with the winds,
Traverse the seas and start off another quest.

An event (in Tanka)

Diplomas! at last
For school year two thousand nine
Togas- white or black
Another group of graduates
Will be out for job markets

it’s graduation day, we’re so happy

tears flowing on my cheeks
as i look each faces i know
last day i see all of you
some going away, some maybe

i don’t know but i’m so happy
my parents would be so proud
i could scream really loud
but i must hold it; i’m in tears

i saw you with a bouquet
pushing your way through
we made eye contacts; great
and we hug almost forever

it’s graduation day
and  we’re so happy

Graduation – tanka

Hey Mom, I made it!

Four years of toil for my part

A lifetime of yours

Burn the wires for all to know

Your efforts now rewarded

Graduation – senryu

It’s the time for cheers
As the sheepskin is bestowed
He has come of age

Graduation Post Script (a repost for March)


When we got over our scholastic years

And have returned to our youthful stomping grounds

Hello again to the sweet reality of being out of school

Relieved from required reading of tome after tome


Wanting in words to describe the relief the completion caused

From the rigors and hardships of a disciplined way of life

The august halls of the alma mater a prison now behind us

And the parchment scroll did seem irrelevant to our lives then


We wrote rude graffiti on the college library’s mottled walls

The carillon pealed from fractured bells tinny hymns  

A heavy yellow pall hung clammily on the quadrangle

The dean was in disrespect, the faculty tainted, we were sure


But what of the mind, the nurturing of which, we

Unknowingly and surreptitiously had been honed

To be ready to face a reality then far imagined

Clearing the muddled glasses of youthful views


Soon we realize that the years behind the ivied walls

Were not stones wasted and skimmed in an algae filled pond

Later as we mused and pondered complexities of existence

That would have stunned us dumb had we not persisted


i made it but tomorrow…

around my neck
tears flowing
on my cheeks

i’m bruise
by hugs
and kisses
but im happy

when they call
my name
more flowers
more flashes

i made it
i murmured
but tomorrow
i’ll start paying
hope to start working