Looking, staring and panting
at the leaves while falling
in the blew of the wind
the leaves find itself reacting
as if trembling in fear
as it reaches the quicksand
of lamenting and forgetting

Slowly kissed the deserted land
By the leaves in motionless clad
Now it waits for time to step on
And forever left at the nook of oblivion

This is the most hardest moment
That my days wrapped in torment
To journey without you in my side
Is a total burden and poison of my life

Like the leaves that gently fall
I am still a being who is hopeful
as the innocent morning breaks
I could see a new life and flower
in the midst of autumn and fall
in order to clothe my heart and soul

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Anthony Basmayor Pabon, 24 years of age. Hails from Damacan, Bacacay, Albay. At present he is studying at the Holy Rosary Major Seminary as 3rd year Theology. He started to weave poetic words when he was in third year Philosophy through the encouragement and inspiration of his friends.

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