Let Kids Be Kids

By Nicanor Tiosen

Let kids be kids while they’re at it –
just keep an eye for their mischief
Let kids be kids, hurry them not –
there’s plenty of time for them to grow up.

Theirs is a time for frolicking –
for toy guns, dolls, and climbing trees;
Theirs is a time for loud cries and wails –
for bruises on their knees.

Don’t promise them anything
that you’re not sure to keep;
For the next time that you fail them,
they’ll not take any excuse you make.

Never say to them, “Don’t do that!”
They’ll surely ask you, “Why?”
Better say, “Let’s do this, honey.”
They’ll give you their sweetest smile.

Guide them through school and house chores,
Give them ample time to play.
Let kids be kids but don’t forget
to teach them how to pray!

(c) Nicanor Tiosen, Even If It Takes a Lifetime

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Some background information about emanilapoetry:

“On 19 June 2005, emanilapoetry formally launched with its own domain name. At its opening, the poetry site had thousands of compositions from Filipino poets and poetry enthusiasts from various countries. Some of them confess that writing poetry was only a hobby. Hobby or not, some of the compositions reflect the creativity and insight of the Filipino. Some of the poems profess the writers’ longing for the Motherland, some are expression of love for someone, some are critical look at the environment and society, and some are simply random thoughts beautifully expressed in lyrical forms.” More

Four emanilapoetry members post 200-plus entries

Our latest Top Posters list shows two contributors moving to the two century mark raising the number of members in the 200+ posts grouping to four.

Members manonton dalan and ed_roa joined Raul Funilas and Fermin Salvador with more than 200 posts credited to each of them.

Rod Escobin likewise jumped to the century mark with MANGREY shooting up to 65 posts from practically a zero start.

Our top posters list had been extracted from emanilapoetry database of members and contributors with 25 or more published entries since we changed over to the WordPress platform last September 2007.

Our first Top Posters list was first published in February 2009 with a cut-off date of February 7, 2009.

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Thank you to the top posters and to everyone for your continuous support to emanila’s mission. We look forward to more members moving up to our Top Posters list in our next update.

200+ posts

Raul Funilas (226) 250
Fermin S. Salvador (249) 249
manonton dalan (179) 211
ed_roa (179) 204

100 – 199

JoelJosol (106) 117
Rod Escobin – LBNHS (95) 108

75 – 99

Ao-Suzume (90) 97
deegey (73) 90

50 – 74

MANGREY ( ) 65
Ezzard R. Gilbang (60) 64
ham8113 (27) 62
sputnikoi (58) 58
souldredger (52) 52

25 – 49

fretzie (43) 47
shayra (26) 47
kouji (46) 46
oliver carlos 44
gdsuanjr (32) 42
kyoksil (39) 39
A. Juan Mangubat (36) 36
Don Bustamante (31) 34
tetsy66 (33) 34
janette (32) 32
Dennis Espada (30) 31
emllavata ( ) 30
DiMaSaLaNg (27) 29
Nin (27) 27
ivy (26) 26
BrokenQuil (25)
lpjuan ( ) 25
raymus ( ) 25

As earlier notified to members, our top posters list includes postings from September 2007 only. A list of poems posted prior to September 20007 has now a a permanent link in our top navigation panel and may be found on this page.

Our themes for April

After Graduation / Pagtatapos in March, what do we have next?

Going over your list of monthly theme suggestions, we would like to feature Martyrdom and Devotion in April. This could be religious or patriotic. We have created special sub-categories for this purpose, Martyrdom and Pagpapakasakit.

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We look forward to an interesting month in April.

Our featured themes for March

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Maraming salamat.

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200+ posts

Fermin S. Salvador (249)
Raul Funilas (226)

100 – 199

ed_roa (179)
manonton dalan (179)
JoelJosol (106)

75 – 99

Rod Escobin – LBNHS (95)
Ao-Suzume (90)

50 – 74

deegey (73)
Ezzard R. Gilbang (60)
sputnikoi (58)
souldredger (52)

25 – 49

kouji (46)
fretzie (43)
kyoksil (39)
A. Juan Mangubat (36)
tetsy66 (33)
janette (32)
gdsuanjr (32)
Don Bustamante (31)
Dennis Espada (30)
Nin (27)
DiMaSaLaNg (27)
ham8113 (27)
ivy (26)
shayra  (26)
BrokenQuil (25)

This month is about love. Please suggest a theme for March and beyond.

For this month of February, our featured sections are Pag-ibig at Pagmamahal and Love & Friendship (obviously).  Each month, we will have different featured sections to reflect our theme and focus.

You are most welcome to suggest monthly themes. For example, what is there in March that we should focus on. For April?  Try “kagitingan” and martyrdom.

Please suggest using the Comments box below.

emanilapoetry will sport a new look, soon

We are currently working on a makeover of our website. That’s why from time to time you would have noticed some disruptions or slowdown in our server.

We should be able to complete the newly renovated website within the next few days.

We are aiming to provide you an improved platform to allow more interaction as well as recognition of deserving and popular entries.

No, we have not decided yet on what to do with the proposal to install a rating system in emanilapoetry. We are still waiting for more feedback.

What do we have for you in the made-over website?

Here are some new features:

1. A more prominent and distinct Featured Content section. Only three or five (at the most) will be featured on the homepage.

2. Grouping of the latest posts into Tulang Pinoy and Pinoy, our two main categories, on the homepage.

3. Each month, we will focus on one sub-category under each of the two main categories Tulang Pinoy and Pinoy Verses. The sub-categories to be selected as featured section will reflect our current focus for the month. For example, for February, we would be focusing on Pag-ibig at Pagmamahal and Love & Friendship. For June, we will focus on martyrdom, patriotism, etc.

4. More organised and focused Author’s pages.

The other features like Top Commenters will remain.

This is all for now and we will keep everyone posted.

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