About Eladio Abquina

"In medias res, eligo quod melius"

I am Eladio Jose Castro Abquina III, an Economics Graduate from the University of Santo Tomas, and currently pursuing post graduate diploma for Computer Science in De La Salle University. Currently a Technology Consultant for a known IT firm.

Friends call me "EL", and know me as a jack of all trades, a passionate thespian, music enthusiast, a guitar player, an occasional composer, loves cardistry, absolutely carefree, a performer and a quiet poetic.

Since childhood, I have been fascinated by Haiku and modern free verse works. I tried to make my own poems by doodling a lot in my notebooks, not being able to compile my works. Luckily, blogging and the web helped me to continue expressing my rants, raves, joy and love. For the past years, I became in love with "Sonnets", along with her strict rhymes and meter. Last year, I also became attached to "Tanaga", a pinoy version similar to Haiku. Most of my works are out pours of my daily life experiences.

"In the midst of things, I choose to see what is better." I love, love. I believe that staying positive will attract good luck and good people. Confucius said; "Words are the voice of the heart", so I hope these words can help to spread the love.


Maraming iimbitahin
Iba’t ibang papakain
Ang inyo sana’y gawin
Huwag sana sayangin



Madaming nais gawin
Hindi maubos-ubos
‘Di alam uunahin,
At walang natatapos


Balot Vendor

Sumakay na kayo ‘tay
Kayong may hanap-buhay
Bago pa ang dala ay
Magkaro’n na ng buhay



Bukas muna ang mata
Kesa puro salita
Hindi ‘yan magkukusa
Na biglang magpakita!


Poetic Block

It is “writer’s block” to some
But mine seems to be more stuck.
The rhymes I need, they won’t come,
Just like how this last line suck.


Sudden Rain

Don’t you feel a bit blissful
After charging a drizzle,
Gain rewards from effort
In a shed full of comfort


Never Wither

To the world, I will display,
That we both have found a way,
To make true happiness stay,
And it was marked on this day.
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Ano ang magagawa
Labis ang pagalala;
Yaong aking pagsinta
Ako ay natulala

Trabaho 2

At ang gusto na lamang
Ay nandiyan sa tabi mo
Sa’yo na magtrabaho
Yayapusin ka na lang



At magpaliwanag ka
Sa pulis, sa presinto.
Kulong ka, sa puso ko,
At reclusion perpetua


Don’t Bother

So let us bother no more
To all what I did before
For I feel its more sublime
To what we’ll do, now you’re mine


Routine(s) 2

It seems that I can keep on doing this
Until the time, I can stop calling you,
For I don’t need to dial the numbers
To wake you up, I’ll hold your hands instead [Read more…]

Nais Madama, Labis Makasama

Ako ay mayroong nais
Mula sayo’y madama
Ang paghiling ay labis,
Na lagi kang makasama



Huwag na magtrabaho
Hagkan mo na lang ako
Ako ay mahihimbing
Sa iyong mga bisig,