About Ma. Anna Katrina Manapat

Born on Feb. 25, 1990. An only child. A resident of Malabon City. Orphan.

Lyceum of the Philippines University alumna (Bachelor of Arts in Journalism '12)

Former Editor-in-Chief of The LPU Independent Sentinel. Author of several published works in the net. Currently working as Knowledge Management and Communications Staff in Lyceum of the Philippines University, Manila


It was as fast as a millisecond
when He gave you;
I had no clue
that upon the next word
I’m going to type,
our fate was about to collide.

Those nights of seemingly hell
Turned out to be better than well.
Click here. Post there.
I didn’t know;
You have clicked ‘like’ on my heart as well.

Shall I attribute this to your techno-savvy demeanor
For as fast as the bytes transfer,
You make my heart flutter
And my apathy wither

Click here. Post there.
An update.
You could have been late.
Soon, we’re going to evacuate.

Click here. Post there.
Tag pictures.
Am I having seizures
in this’e-nteraction’?
I re-learned a lesson:
My hub’s resuscitation.

Click here. Post there.
Shall I commend your skills again–
For keeping this system (I call ego and dignity)
intact and even?

Click. Post. Like.
Time flies;
I wish it’ll hide
I didn’t know,
Again, as fast as a second’s fraction
The window prompts, “Move on”
No choice but to click “yes” button

Since you’re offline,
You can’t fix my cyber-glitches.

An A-B Hindsight Comparative Study

Two books. Same chapters.
Same content. Different perceptions.
Different emotions.
Turn every leaf,
Unfold each detail…
Book A: Empathy-apathy
Book B: Forced-to-finished story
Book A: Beginning
Book B: Never-ending
Book A: History
Book B: Newsworthy
Book A: Sin, temptation
Book B: Salvation, redemption
And as I turn (and had turned) the last pages of
Book B (Book A),
They proved worthy
Of spaces (main spaces)
In my atrial library.


I look at your piece
and see the revision it needs
I also looked into mine
and see that it also needs time:
A time to improve
But our Editor temporarily approves–
That brings us together
So that I can bolster
Your sentence constructions together
Let me handle those words
you want to express
Even if you gave me 1/8 of
your excess
Patiently, I tried reaching, persuading
to get the remaining–
seems you wouldn’t give in

So just let me master my own
Before handling yours
Let time do the talking;
I’ll say nothing
Hoping this parting
would make you realize the need:
Revision. Completion.

Now, I’d be busy with my own,
hoping that someday, I’ll edit that piece
To see your smiling bliss


You are a glass
I want to hold you carefully,
as fragile as you may seem to be;
I shall not falter

You are the mirror
I see myself through
Wishing to know you
And look at you

I’ll forget those
“Handle with care” signs
I shall handle you with care
and give you another need:
Happiness, a nourishment
of its seed

You are both a glass, a mirror
I shall be your eternal succor
I am your bubblewrap
to embrace, to protect, to secure–
a corroboration of “love is pure”

You are a mirror;
you are a glass
Your brilliance,
I can’t amass
Still, I’ll lend my air sacs
to catch every
to secure, to protect, to embrace,
proving my love is your infinite space

To My Math

one and one is two,
but it can’t be true
for the two of us,
it’s a minus, not a plus
we were multiplying smiles and laughs
for the past four years in class
Little did I know–
Or you know–
That I was doing the same
For some illogical emotion
it drives me insane

This insanity is
that wen I solve
and understand and
find those
and tangents
all for the same
futile reason.

Futility. It all leads
to division.

And the quotient
is actually present

When I know
You and I
are now indifferent

Daluyong sa Balarila

hindi sa gusto kitang itakwil nang aking mahalin
ang wikang Kanluran.
Wala yun sa aking nanaisin, sadyang hindi
lamang magganyak noong nakaraan
Ngunit ngayong ikaw na ang gumawa ng
paraan–nag-iba ang kasaysayan.
Pilit kong itinambis ang mga pang-angkop at
mga sugnay upang magawa ang obrang ito
Kahit di sigurado,
Sa huli’y sa’yo rin pala ang takbo.


In an imaginative montage,
You are a Greek god’s silhouette
Amid the tawny background

In my tangible treasure,
Your words are interwoven by hysteria
which ironically makes me optimistic

In a two-colored canvass,
You are its ink, etched for emphasis
And I’m the white, contrasting your skills.

In a tete-a-tete,
You are the master of hypnosis,
And I’m your victim,
Ready to answer “Yes”
For all your advocacies.

Spontaneity, Evasion, Voyeurism, et al

Rushed words I just extemporaneously made
Ticks and tacks of the keyboard pound reverberate
Procrastination seems on its ninth month
But no, honestly, it’s not like that.

The truth is I just want to throw off this dead site
And be in another world’s light
Bury all the pathetic parodies you’ve read
Make its creator’s skin shed

Inject another apathy medication,
To subvert the familiar erstwhile-flame paragon
Or probably quaff that dream liquid
And make your next strawberry-field encounter placid

Omega Paranoia

Cut the sheets: placid
Sheathe the red hills: lurid
It absorbs the vitriolic liquid

Take it off, it’s jaundiced

Tick-tack. Tick-tack. Bleeding.
Assumptions assume mentality’s highest seat, saying:
“”The deterrence is just beginning”

Ambivalence of smiles and sorrows
Should this hill pulsate until tomorrow?

We may never know.

Introverted Friendship

From the wide depths of this elliptical paradise,
We had the same reprise
This panoramic vision seems to widen more
When I deemed God’s clamor
It seems He had written this before
That you and I would sprout from our lands
Then meet and entwine
Like the ebbs with the sand
It’s quite amazing how I get the view
Of how we avoided the throngs,
And suddenly we bump into each other
Then we exchange our effulgent news
Our nexuses are mutual
Our caliber, so fast
We were almost lunatics
Yet we’re still here,
Close and frantic
Would they ever see our vista?
I wish they would reach our conduits
So that the public would comprehend
The spirit of solitude we both depend.

(For Miss Raissa Azarcon)


Naksandal ako habang nag-iisip
“Bakit ba ngayon iba na ang ihip?”
Naalala kita sa aking pamamahinga
Matapos ng aking paggawa

At bigla kong namasdan aking sandalan
Ang pader pala ang aking sinasalalayan
Muli, ika’y pumasok sa aking isipan
Nawangis ko tuloy ang inyong mga katangian

Ang pader— Masarap itong sandalan
Parang ikaw, lagi lang andyan
Ngunit matigas at malamig
Kahit’yong yakapin, ‘di malulupig

Naalala ko muli sa kawalan
Isang pader, iyong sinisimulan
Hinahadlangan an gating pagkakaibigan
Dahil ba ito sa iyong nalaman?

Ikaila mo man, ito pa ri’y nadarama
Makapal, matigas, malamig ang pagkakagawa
Kaya’t mga gusto kong sabihin, ‘di ko na mahatid
Pader na iyong gawa, tunay ngang balakid

Sana nga’y sabay natin itong tibagin
Ang pader na kahit itanggi’y andiyan pa rin
Sandali na lamang ang itatatgal ko sa pagtibag
Kundi kailangan ko ng mamaalam, aking liyag.

Minsanang Kayamanan

Pagmulat ng mata, makikita ko
Mga ala-alang nagdadala sa’yo
Waring lahat ng bagay sa mundo ko’y dulot mo
Aking paghinga, aking pagkilos sa’yo natatamo

Bahagi ka na ng aking pagkatao
Kaya naman ngayong ika’y nagtatampo
Masakit sa ulo, sa dibdib— sa puso.
Palibhasa’y magkarugtong na ang mga mundo

Sabi nila, minsan lang makakita ng isang tunay na kaibigan
Kaya’t huwag mo na itong pakawalan
Ngunit hindi ka lang ganoon,
Pagka’t kalahati ng buhay ko sa’yo nakatuon

Minsan nga lang ang isang tulad mo sa buhay,
Bakit ba sa kahangalan, ako’y nagpatangay?
Isa ka ng kapatid—- kapamilya’t katuwang sa lahat
Huwag naman nating hayaang samaha’y magkalamat

Minsan ka nga lang talaga
Bakit ba ako’y tanga?
Mas lalo kong napatunayan ang iyong halaga
Lalo na’t ikaw ang dahilan ng bawa’t hinga

Naalala mo pa ba ang mga pangarap natin?
Na matapos ng ilang dekada’y magkaibigan pa rin?
Paano naman natin ito matutupad
Kung ngayon pa lang, tayo’y susuko agad?

Tao ako naturingan, nagkakamali.
Kaya’t tunay kong pagkatao, ‘di ko ikukubli
At alam kong pagkakaibiga’y pagtanggap ng tuluyan
Pagtanggap— kasama ng pagmamahal—- ang ating kayamanan

Huwag naman sananag isiping wala kang halaga
Pagka’t sa buhay ko, ika’y tunay na kasama
Bawa’t tibok ng puso’y nilalaan
Sa isang tulad mong kayamanan.

Minsan lang ako mabubuhay rito
At isa ka sa sanhi nito
Pinagtagpo Niya tayo dahil sa iisang dahilan
At ito’y makita ang minsanang kayamanan.

To my English

It all originates from a letter—
A letter that became a sentence
When you found the covert modifier
And I believed you’d terminate this
Elaborating correspondence
But you added your verbs into it,
Both linking and acting on us,
To form the nine consecutive clauses abuzz
In the nineteenth line of this composition,
Creating a compound-complex sensation
Which you later realized
So you finally placed the period
Making me feel both the reified exclamations
And questions
So I hung with the dangles of
Your erroneous adjectives,
Placing my own perspectives
Making the piece more exasperating
But it led me to my own
Faulty coordination
So I just followed the syntax
Slowly but surely,
I edited your misconstrued knacks
And now, this piece is
Free from all prolixity.

* Currently, this is the most special poem I’ve written.


To quench and slake—-
These are my sakes.
I am mellifluous
Three-fourths of this territory
An outburst of this foreign element
Agitated below.
It was you, knocking on my transparent door
As I opened it, your itinerant nature straggled swiftly,
Laved my heart
With a mixture of ambivalence and consternation
While I am incinerating
Inside the plethora of your cataclysmic phosphorescence.
This soon made me bubble.
Like a foolish frog on a human tale
I too basked the warmth of your flare
I suddenly realize,
My atoms are seethed

I open my eyes and see
My components are feeling groggy.

Now I know,
You came to evaporate
My existence
In a fondle of your burning centigrade.