About Marlex Cantor

Marlex C. Cantor is an alumnus of Diliman Preparatory School, New Era University, and the Asian Institute of Journalism and Communication Graduate School.

Could this be it?

Could this be the sign—
The sign I’ve waited for so long
An emblem of true love
Love I’ve searched for so long?

The poet has awakened
His pen scribbles and rhymes
His verses flow like water
Running wild against the tides

Could this be the time—
The right time for my happiness
Or could this not be the hour
Of the end of my aloneness?

The answer to my prayers,
The other half of mine,
The one I’ll share my forever with,
Could I have, at last, found?

Déjà vu

Déjà vu
As the French would say
That’s the feeling I felt
When I first laid eyes on you

The image of you
Standing across my way
I knew I’ve seen you before
Though we have met only now

That familiar face
That meaningful smile in your eyes
I’ve seen them all before
I think I remember now

You look like her
In fact, I think she is you
The woman of my dreams
The one I long to be with

For the rest of my life



Beware, Lady

Beware of the beau you shall kiss
Oh, you pretty, gullible Miss!
The knight who looks like Adonis
Might not be what you think he is

He could be a wolf in sheep’s clothing
Or a ewe in jackal’s guise hiding
He just wants a piece of you, darling
Just a piece, not your whole being

Beware of the beau you shall kiss
Oh, you pretty, gullible Miss!
The bard who takes you to bliss
Might also pull you down to abyss

He could squeal your secret wrongdoing
And unveil all your masquerading
He would ruin your peace, poor darling
For he’d rather have you or nothing

Beware, yes, my lady, beware
Of your heart, body and soul, take care

Two Little Light Bulbs

Up the store rack one night,
Two little light bulbs fight
One dares the other:
“Than you I shine brighter”
To which, says the other
“Oh no you don’t, brother!”

So both of them agreed
A showdown is up, indeed
One versus the other
To take turns on the tester
Whichever lights much brighter
Shall be taunted as the winner

The first bulb set out to try
He switched the voltage high
And higher … and higher
His filaments burning hotter
Than his tungsten can weather
His bright light turns to flicker

Boo’s replaced the hurray’s
As the first failed to make headway
Here now comes the other
Walking in,a bit cockier
Cheers get all the louder
As he sits on the tester

Like the bulb of him ahead
Light so bright is then emitted
But the crowd shouts, “Brighter!”
So he turns the switch higher
And higher … and higher
Till it’s too much for him to weather …

The showdown has now ended
Which light bulb is undefeated?
Neither one nor the other
For, both pushy challengers
Went a little too farther
In their bet to outdo one another

News Anchor

Mr. News Anchor,
Show me something new
Not the clips recycled
By lazy TV crew

Mr. News Anchor,
Tell me something true
Lay down the facts straight
Enough of petty views

Mr. News Anchor,
Show me something good
Bombard me not with violence
Or things vile and lewd

Mr. News Anchor,
Clear your throat, please do
Don’t cough and scoff at me
Show some manners, will you?

Mr. News Anchor,
Goodbye I now bid you
I’ll just wait for morn’s paper
Or browse the web for news

Daw at raw

Katotohanan ba o isa lamang sabi-sabi?
Kapag ang uban daw binunot, tsinani
Lalo lamang tutubo’t darami nang darami

Sa kauna-unang “dalaw” ng isang dalagita
Huwag daw maligo, magiging luka-luka
Katotohanan kaya o sabi-sabi lang ba?

Kapag sinukat daw ang trahedeboda
bago pa ikasal, masisira’ng pagsasama
Katotohanan o sabi-sabi lang nga ba?

Mabisa raw panlunas sa pasmadong paa–
Katotohanan o sabi-sabi lang nila?–
Diligan ng unang ihi pagbangon sa umaga!

Siyang naniniwala raw sa mga sabi-sabi
Diumano’y walang bait sa kaniyang sarili–
Sarado sa katuwiran, bukas sa mali

Kapag Di Kailangan Ang Kailangan

Kailangan bang laging sabihin
Pabukaling tuluyan sa dila’t bibig
Ang tunay na kulay ng tining
Sa diwang pagal pa mandin?

Kailangan ba’y sinlinaw ng kristal
ang bawat titik, pantig, sugnay
pangungusap at pangungutal
ng nag-aalimpuyos na isipan?

Paano kung ang bumulwak ay
Di kawasang imburnal ng tayutay
Simpait ng apdong paglura na
Luluray sa porselanang dangal
na tangan sa pasmado nang kamay?

Paano kung ang kailangan pala’y
Gabundok sa bigat na pamimipi
Sa labi’t hindi isang pulgada pang
Pandugtong sa kawing-kawing nang
kawad sa matayog na poste ng katotohanan?

You are what you choose

We can choose to run like horses
or to walk in turtle speed

You can choose to be as caterpillar
or as butterfly in the mead

You can choose to mate like rabbits
or as emperor penquins behave

You can choose to bite the fish bait
or just keep swimming below

You can choose to gorge as vultures
or scrimp as ants in summer

You can choose to plow as carabaos
or to play as monkeys chatter

You can choose to flow like nectar
or be as Poison ivy’s sap

You can choose whatever you want to be
By your choices, carve your own destiny

Payong Naiwan

Payong iniwan
kay totoy ni nanay
bitbit niyang lagi
saa’t saan man.

Subalit minsan
payong naiwan
nawala, nawaglit,
di niya namalayan

Sayang na sayang
payong kay inam
kay tagal pa namang

Saan na susukob
kapag umulan?
Kapag bumagyo
walang sanggalang.

Walang panlaban
sa lamig at ginaw
ang bumbunang litaw.


that man who thrives in wealth ill-gotten
and habits himself of lies brazen
beheads and kills without hesitation
if only to amass and save his millions
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Hold that thought

Do things not turn out the way you had planned?
Does nothing that you do seem to work out fine?
Do you feel your temper rising deep inside ?
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Tapos na!
Sigaw ng musmos
na nakaraos
sa pagbubulos
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Where to place myself

Where do I stand
When do I run
to catch every fruit
you throw down?

Where to go next?
How far’s it this time?
How low or high must I
jump to get this one?
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The ship that adolescence built

There’s this ship I board
and I know you know
what it is or what
it’s made of
It begins with “F” and ends in “D”
What The “F”
stands for is so
much more than you
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