Alphabiblebet Siamese Sonnets

Adam was created to steward earth
Bloodied by Cain’s putting Abel to death
Cause he hated having his brother kept
Decades after Eve was pulled from the rib.

Empty was the world then there was no light
For God loved it already even dark
Gave the darkness a twin and everything
Heaven, sun, moon, stars and birds on the wing.

In six days the waters and land were filled
Just teeming with creatures swimming with speed
Keeping up with their counterparts aground
Leaping for mutual happiness found.

Man’s destiny was such that even luck
Need not his bountiful fortune obstruct.

Only his choices could have been well picked
Perfection being what his mold portrayed
Quirkiness was never his strong mettle
Resulting to occasions that nettle.

Suffice it to say he defied the odds
Tragedies haunted him yet he held fast
Unflinching with the blows of life’s descent
Victorious to the very bitter end.

Why man persists is not to contradict
Xenophobia thrives because he exists
Yearning to be was truly his at birth
Zany though he may be the world is his.

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I'm married to a lovely, loving woman who blessed me with two wonderful sons. Poetry is my passion, even if it's on a mood level. Like, I'm a geyser one moment and drained the next. Each outpouring, however, is a personal testament to truth, a poem being empty were it phony. I got the genes from my Dad, who passed away, in 2003, at 77. He was my most avid audience. There are other inspiring sources but Dad was the darnedest. Instead of miss him, I fill the void with verses.

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