after one century, i still smile thinking of you

before, little me cherish you

neither that i know

i will be falling deep

never expected


and now, i am still nourishing it

cultivating one precious memory

handling one emotion

can you believe? so am i


years will past and youth will leave me

i will be someone’s wife

maybe a mother of adorable rascal

im hoping it’s ours, if not


i will be happy anyhow

being with  teddy alone

if no one will emerge

ill pass peacefully thinking of yesterday


then, days and months will gone by

the pest and worm will fest on me

i will be lying there, alone

in cold, dark, closed stone


there will be great desaster

maybe war

or the end of the earth

ill be lucky if my skeleton survive


and if my structure still intact

ill consider it as success

gladly, my long wait is rewarded

ill be lying here smiling


after one century

i still smile thinking of you





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shayra, a name that represent a girl who started as reading only small pocket books. who is fascinated on how writers translate emotion into words and how can words capture one mindset. shayra is a girl who learned to love poems, books and story of other person and now a lady who is trying to tell her story and poems to other readers.


  1. Shayra I noticed you always write poems about love, reminiscing and affection, are you looking? single, married, divorced? or just always inclined to this flow?

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