Acte Gratuit

Yesterday’s supplicated brainchild
Is now a fumbled present from behind
I should be assuaged from this day forward
But my grope shuddered enmity’s shards

I just want to be wafted on my shore
That’s all I’d ever implore
Apathy, sluggishness disheveled
It made me wince and waver

Look at me with your misconstrued compendium
Your eyes still prove contempt’s quantum
That chutzpah is despicable
My stay here is formidable

I guess my nocturnal gasps are fettered
Thanks for the throes, sinister of my quavers.

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Born on Feb. 25, 1990. An only child. A resident of Malabon City. Orphan.

Lyceum of the Philippines University alumna (Bachelor of Arts in Journalism '12)

Former Editor-in-Chief of The LPU Independent Sentinel. Author of several published works in the net. Currently working as Knowledge Management and Communications Staff in Lyceum of the Philippines University, Manila


  1. @ chaos – you have great ideas and this is a well thought of poem. It is my opinion though that you may want to try to simplify just so that readers be able to grasp your message better: you can say the same thing in simpler words. e.g. Thanks for the throes, sinister of my quavers. Sincerely – darkdatu

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