A Global Citizen, A Global Teacher

Modern times paved us the way for different technological advances that prevent to be very helpful in our everyday living. Different technological advances created a new trend to satisfy our thirst for modernism and high-tech living. With these new trends, our educational system is also coinciding with this making learning more advanced through the use of modern devices.

The most common (and I think the most important invention in the 20th century) is the computer. During those times computers are only used for computing and storing data, but right now having a computer and knowing how to use it is just as necessary as having to put a food on the plate for your dinner! Computers proved to very helpful and useful for education that integration has been the topic during seminars and workshops and how can we utilize it to help our students face the world surrounded by modem technology.

It is true that technology has its plus and minuses. Others may also say that because of technological advances, we are all teaching our children to become lazy and just depend on the computer. Yet let us accept the fact that time has changed, our times are evolving and we could no longer apply what we have learned in the previous years to the generation of today. We should go with the flow. We just have to know our limitations in using these modern technologies. These are made to make our life easier and comfortable. We are human beings ad we are given the mind so we can manipulate things accordingly.

Moreover, because of these trends in teaching, we also allow ourselves to grow. We are no longer stagnant to the traditional methods. We are now more open to new ideas that would not just increase our students learning but also ourselves. As we open ourselves to new fad, we can no longer feel outcast… we are part of the modern world and we are now all ready to face a more challenging role and that is to become the teacher of tomorrow’s youth. Why would we keep ourselves inside a nutshell when we can explore the world? The world is at our advantage, the world is waiting for us.

Furthermore being inclined with these technological advances, we must also know our responsibilities. It is not every time that we have to let our students tinker the computer and we would juts sit back and relax knowing that that the world wide web or www can provide the much needed information. We could not just do that. We are not teaching them anymore. We are feeding them with information that is not anymore filtered if they teach moral or ethical values. Modern devices such as computers are only a tool for learning. It is not the one who will teach us. It is still far more different than having a teacher in front who could explain the information being fed to these young minds. We just have to remember that the best computer in the world in our minds. We, the teachers, don’t just fed information nor just teach these children the basics of addition and subtraction or the proper use of grammar, we also touch their lives, we become a part of them, a part of their lives that could not just be erases or deleted by just a click away. We remain in their hearts forever.

Given these facts, we are now more than ready to call ourselves not just modern teachers but GLOBAL TEACHERS. Because global teachers do not just use modern ways of teaching or utilize modern devices for improved learning, but also has a heart… a heart that tenderly cares for every individual and a hand that gently holds every learner’s mind to be a great contribution to the world. A student who is not just a product of modern world but can also be considered a GLOBAL CITIZEN OF THE WORLD.

And now a GLOBAL TEACHER, creating GLOBAL CITIZENS OF THE WORLD, what else could we ask for more?

Santa Cruz North Central Elementary School

April 27, 2009

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