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About us

emanilapoetry is a network member website of the award-winning EMANILA.com. We started it as a section of EMANILA.com in 2003 to cater to the needs of our members as a platform to promote their works in the internet, and has expanded over the last two years to demand its own site.

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On 29 May 2005, we launched emanilapoetry to house two other internet poetry properties, TULANGPINOY and PINOYVERSES, for poems written in Filipino (and other Philippine language) and English, respectively.

At its launch, emanilapoetry has hundreds of poetry compositions from Filipino poets and poetry enthusiasts from various countries. Some of them confess that writing poetry is a hobby to them. Hobby or not, some of the compositions reflect the creativity and insight of the Filipino. Some of the poems profess the writers' longing for the Motherland, some are expression of love for someone, some are critical look at the environment and society, and some are simply random thoughts beautifully expressed in lyrical forms.

We hope you enjoy your time with us, and emanilapoetry helps in enriching your online experience.

Your regular visits and acknowledgement of their works are reflection of your appreciation of the works of our modern-day Filipino poets and writers.

A FRIENDLY REMINDER: This website contains copyrighted material. Please respect the intellectual rights of our friends and kababayans. Reproduction of any part of this website in any form or medium requires the written permission of EMANILA.com Pty Ltd.

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About emanilapoetry
emanilapoetry formally opened on 19 June 2005 and is an online community of more than 400 writers and poets from various countries. As at 28 Sept 2007, this site has more 6,862 poem entries in archives.

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